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Cheat Passwords

Go to Main menu -> Bonuses -> Cheats -> Go Down, into the last 4 cheats with an icon ABC -> input the cheat passwords. To activate the cheats. While you play, press start, to pause the game -> choose Cheats -> Use Down, you'll see the 4 last cheats deactivate -> press X to Activate it.

AVIATORGOGGLESCarl wears Muntz's aviator goggles.
BUTTERFLYRussell attracts all butterflies.
CARLHEAVYWEIGHTTo lift Russell end up in the air, Carl just needs to jump from the teeter totter.
BALLOONPARTYWhen he jumps, Carl creates multicoloured balloons.

Contributed By: included2000.