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Guitar Hero 5


Enter these codes in in the cheats menu

Enter these in on your controller to activate the desired cheat. G= Green R= Red Y= Yellow B= Blue

R R B Y G G G YAir Instruments
G G R R Y R Y BAlways Slide
Y G R B B B B RAutoKick
G R G B R R Y BFlame Color
Y G R G Y B G GFocus Mode
B R R G R G R YGem Colors
G R G G Y G G GHUD Free Mode
G B R Y Y R G GHyperspeed
G R Y Y Y B B GInvisible Characters
Y Y B R B G R RPerformance Mode
R R Y R B R R BStar Color
B B G G R G R YUnlock All Characters
R G G Y B G Y GVocal Fireball

Contributed By: bugz_lha and sc_angel1987.


Unlockable Legends

There are legends available in this game such as Johnny Cash, Carlos Santana, Shirley Manson, Matthew Bellamy, and Kurt Cobain. These Legends can be unlocked by simply getting at least 4 Stars on their Signature Song. Here Is a list of the characters and what songs you have to beat to unlock them.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete "Supernatural" with 4 Stars or moreCarlos Santana
Complete "Ring of Fire" with 4 Stars or moreJohnny Cash
Finish "Smells Like Teen Spirit" with 4 Stars or moreKurt Cobain
Complete "Plug in Baby" with 4 stars or moreMatthew Bellamy
Finish "Only Happy When it Rains" with 4 stars or moreShirley Mansion

Contributed By: Sonicspeed64.