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Dungeon Defenders


Secret Tavern Room

After defeating the 3 bosses once on any difficulty, a neon sign will light up on the second floor of the Tavern. It is an OPEN sign above a closed door. If the sign is lit up, walk into the door and you will enter a secret room, with a treasure full of mana as well as other goodies with-in the room itself. Only the host of the game can enter his/her room, thus you must be the host or be playing offline to get your mana.

Contributed By: marzuco.



There are 46 Bronze Trophies, 9 Silver Trophies, 1 Gold Trophy, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Completed Warping Core on >= Medium Difficulty88 Core
Completed All Challenges on INSANE Difficulty!A Challenger Approaches
Saw all four Hero endingsA Matter of Perspective
Completed all Area 3 levels on any difficulty settingA Taste of Victory
You upgraded an Equipment to its maximum potential!And This Is My Weapon
Earned the Gunslinger Award on all MissionsBrute Force
Stored all Familiar types in your Item Box or on your HeroesCatch 'em All
Completed Moving Core on >= Medium DifficultyCore Cardio
Completed Assault on >= Medium DifficultyCore Destroyer
Completed Raining Goblins on Insane DifficultyDancing in the Rain
Earned Skin of Your Teeth Award on 6 MissionsDaredevil
Reached Hero Level 70Defender of Etheria
Reached Wave 10 on all levels in Pure Strategy on >= Medium DifficultyDefense Is the Best Offense
Picked up a Godly WeaponDivine Intention
Completed all levels on any difficulty settingDungeon Crawler
Completed all levels on Insane! Congratulations Brave Dungeon Defender!Dungeon Defender
Completed all levels on HardDungeon Raider
Completed Raining Goblins on >= Medium DifficultyElla, Ella
Completed Unlikely Allies on >= Medium DifficultyFriends Forever
Completed all Area 1 levels on InsaneFrom Fire with Brimstone
Completed all Area 1 levels on any difficulty settingFrom The Depths
Completed Treasure Hunt on Insane DifficultyGold Blitz
Completed Treasure Hunt on >= Medium DifficultyGold Rush
Completed the Tutorial. You deserve a cookie!Good Student
Raised a Hero of each type to Level 70Group Hug
Completed Chicken on >= Medium DifficultyIn A Fowl Mood
Reached Survival Wave 10 on Insane DifficultyIron Man
Completed Zippy Terror on Insane DifficultyKobold Exterminator
You have earned every Dungeon Defenders Accomplishment! Trendy salutes you!Legendary Defender
Stored 15,000,000 Mana in your Mana BankMaster Banker
Earned the Master Strategist Award on all MissionsMastermind
Completed Death From Above on Insane DifficultyMonster Madness
Completed Death From Above on >= Medium DifficultyMonster Mania
Wore a full set of Godly ItemsO Mighty Smiter!
You raised a Pet to its maximum potential!Obedience Training
Completed Ogre Crush on Insane DifficultyOgre Block Party
Earned the Flawless Victory Award on all missions on at least Medium DifficultyPerfectionist
Reached Hero Level 10Pupil
You upgraded your first equipment. Keep it up!Smithy
Completed Zippy Terror on >= Medium DifficultySpeed Freak
Reached Survival Wave 15 on Medium DifficultySurvivalist
Completed all levels with 4 active players on >= Medium DifficultyTeam Effort
Completed all Area 1 levels on HardThe Belly of the Beast
Completed all Area 2 levels on HardThe Body of the Beast
Completed all Area 3 levels on HardThe Crown of the Beast
Reached Survival Wave 20 on Medium DifficultyThick Skin
Completed all Area 2 levels on InsaneThrough The Crowded Keep
Wore a complete set of maximum level EquipmentsTo The Limit
Completed all Area 3 levels on InsaneTo The Lofty Summit
Completed all Area 2 levels on any difficulty settingTo The Rooftops
Reached Survival Wave 15 on Hard DifficultyTough Guy
Earned the Lord Award on >= Medium DifficultyTrue Nobility
Reached Hero Level 30Veteran
Completed No Towers Allowed on Insane DifficultyWeapon Master
Completed No Towers Allowed on >= Medium DifficultyWhere's the Blueprints?
Completed Wizardry on >= Medium DifficultyWizard Hunter
Completed Ogre Crush on >= Medium DifficultyYou No Take Mushroom

Contributed By: Guard Master.