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Resident Evil 6


Agent Hunt Mode

This is unlocked by beating any of the first 3 campaigns.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat either Leon's, Chris's or Jake's campaign once.Agent Hunt

Contributed By: Razz-.

Curious Fan Title

Complete the Resident Evil 5 Campaign to unlock the "Curious Fan" title.

Contributed By: xGH05T408x.

Mercenaries Characters

This is how to unlock the characters for the mercenaries game mode. Leon, Chris and Jake are unlocked by default.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Ada's CampaignAda
Unlock all other characters costumes.Carla
Finish Urban Chaos Map with a B rank or higher.Helena
Finish Steel Beast Map with a B rank or higher.Piers
Finish Mining the Depths map with a B rank or higher.Sherry

Contributed By: DEVILIX.

Mercenaries Maps

There are three different maps to play in the Mercenaries mode which can be unlocked by clearing specific campaigns. You can use either character to unlock these maps.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Clear Jake's Campaign on any difficultyMining the Depths
Clear Chris's Campaign on any difficultySteel Beast

Contributed By: xKazerux.

Secret Video

After beating all 4 campaigns you will unlock a video that will play after any after credit video from any campaigns.

Contributed By: Jwall33 and zzamaro.


How to unlock the games Titles which are placed on your dog tag excluding weapon and enemy titles which are all unlocked at 300 kills for enemy expert title and 1,000 for weapon expert title.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete 200 campaign chaptersAction Junkie
Complete all campaign chapters on Amateur (20)Amateur
Complete 15 campaign chapters with female charactersAmazon
Use chrysalids for cover for 20 minutesAny Port in a Storm
Attack 100 times with zero staminaBadass
Crawl for 300 metersBig Baby
Kill 100 enemies while slidingBone Breaker
Use an enemy’s weapon 100 timesBy Any Means
Kill 100 parachuting enemiesChuter Shooter
Perform a unique physical attack 300 timesCombat Master
Perform 300 counterattacksCounter Attacker
Finished playing Resident Evil 5 campaignCurious Fan
Be killed 200 timesDead Ringer
Require saving 100 timesDeath Wish
Earn all the different medals in the campaign (175)Decorated Agent
Earn 2,000 medalsEarning Them Medals
Require help 300 timesEasy Target
Walk 5,000 metersEnjoying the Scenery
Perform 300 coups de grâceExecutioner
Destroy 1,000 J’avo masksFace Smasher
Collect all the figures (78)Figure Collector
Read all the files (80)File Collector
Set 1,000 zombies on fireFire Hazard
Complete all chapters in the campaign with an S rank (20)Getting Good Grades
Play with 300 other players onlineGlobal Player
Be killed awesomely 50 timesGoing Out in Style
Complete all campaign chapters on Normal (20)Got Some Experience
Hit enemies with a quick shot 1,000 timesGunslinger
Play Resident Evil 6 for 100 hours (Title changes)Hardcore Player
Make a headshot 1,000 timesHeadshot Master
Feed your partner 200 health tablets during the campaignHerb Sharer
Rescue another player 300 timesHero
Kill 100 enemies with Piers‘ mutated armI Got Hand
Complete all campaign chapters on Veteran (20)I Know What I'm Doing
Play as a J'avo 300 timesJ'avo Juice
Travel 500 kilometers with a vehicleJoyrider
Defeat 10,000 enemiesKickin' Ass & Takin' Names
Defeat 100 enemies while dyingLast Hurrah
Tag 300 enemies with a markerLeft My Mark
Save other players from dying 100 timesLifesaver
Swim 1,000 metersLike a Duck to Water
Complete all campaign chapters by yourself (20)Lone Wolf
Dash for 5,000 metersMad Dasher
Use an enemy's attack to kill 300 other enemiesManipulator
Earn 1,500 medals in the campaignMedal Agent
Destroy 300 helicopters or tanksMetal Muncher
Earn a total of 200,000 skill pointsMy Skills
Consume 2,000 health tabletsNeed a Pick-Me-Up
Use the first aid spray 100 timesNeed My Meds
Use the zip-line 300 timesNot an Acrobat
Kill 300 animalsOpen Season
Play with 3 other players X times during a story intersectionParty Time!
Play as a zombie 300 timesPeople Eater
Recover on your own from dying 100 timesPhoenix
Land a physical attack 1,000 timesPotent Pugilist
Complete all campaign chapters on Professional (20)Professional
Praise your partner 100 times during the campaignProps to You
Perform 300 successful follow-up attacksRelentless Attacker
Reload 5,000 timesReloader
Receive help 300 timesRescue Me
Default titleResident Evil
Complete all campaign chapters without seeing the game over screen (20)Respect the Skills
Saved from dying 100 timesResuscitated Agent
Traverse 500 meters on your backsideRock-Hard Buns
Play online with a friend X timesRollin‘ with the Homies
Run 100,000 metersRunning My Shoes Off
Purchase 80 skillsSkill Collector
Destroy 300 objects while slidingSlide 'n' Smash
Slide 500 timesSlip Slider
Perform 300 stealth killsStealth Killer
300 enemies you tagged are killed by other playersTag Master
Combine herbs 1,000 timesThe Chemist
Earn 200 titlesTitle Collector
Use cover for a total of 100 minutesUndercover

Contributed By: Paragoob.

Unlimited ammo

Complete all four story modes to allow you to buy unlimited ammo in skill settings.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
complete all four story modes and then purchase under skill settings .Unlimited ammo

Contributed By: SHAO-Khan.

Unlock Ada's Campaign

A fourth campaign, Ada's campaign is unlockable when all 3 campaigns are completed once. This campaign unveils answers to the mysteries behind the 3 campaigns.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Leon's, Chris's and Jake's campaigns onceAda's Campaign

Contributed By: Razz-.

Unlockable costumes for Mercenaries

To unlock other costumes for use in Mercenaries, play any stage and obtain an A rank with any character to unlock their respective costumes.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Obtain an A rank in Mercenaries with LeonPirate Leon
Obtain an A rank in Mercenaries with JakePuffy Jacket Jake
Obtain an A rank in Mercenaries with HelenaR.P.D. Helena
Obtain an A rank in Mercenaries with PiersRacer Piers
Obtain an A rank in Mercenaries with ChrisSamurai Chris
Obtain an A rank in Mercenaries with SherrySchool Girl Sherry
Obtain an A rank in Mercenaries with AdaWhite Dress Ada

Contributed By: xKazerux.


General stamina recovery (all players)

While aiming, perform a dodge maneuver that has the character grounded afterward. Continue to hold the aim button, and the stamina bar, if depleted, will quickly fill up back to normal.

Contributed By: kijuju11.