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Dynasty Warriors 7


Unlockable Characters

To unlock characters that are not available after the completion of Story Mode, complete the Legendary Battles hex for that character in Conquest Mode. After you complete all the Legendary Battles for that character he or she will become unlocked.

Contributed By: DynastyFanGirl.

Unlocking Guardian Animals

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Champions of Chaos on Conquest Mode.Hex Mark
Complete Battle for Supremacy.Red Hare
Complete Wolves of Chaos on Conquest Mode.Shadow Runner

Contributed By: DynastyFanGirl and aheedthegreat.



There are 41 Bronze Trophies, 5 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Unlocked the first capital city in Conquest Mode.A Great Leap Forward
Maxed out your bond with 5 or more female officers in Conquest Mode.A Hit with the Ladies
Maxed out your bond with 5 or more male officers in Conquest Mode.A Man's Warrior
Completed the first stage in Conquest Mode.A Step Toward Glory
Made all Dynasty Warriors officers available as sworn allies in Conquest Mode.A Warrior of the People
Obtained all guardian animals.Animal Collector
Defeated 1,000 or more enemies in a single battle.Army of One
Unlocked all officers' voices in the gallery.Audio Collector
Completed all lessons in the tutorial.Boot Camp Graduate
Achieved a 50+ combo.Combo Master
Completed the Battle of Chibi with one of the forces in Story Mode.Conqueror of Chibi
Maxed out your bond with every officer in Conquest Mode.Consensus Builder
Completed the Elimination of Dong Zhuo with one of the forces in Story Mode.Dong Zhuo's Worst Nightmare
Correctly answered 5 of the Scholar's quiz questions in a row.Eager Student
Completed the story of Jin.Emperor of Jin
Completed the story of Shu.Emperor of Shu
Completed the story of Wei.Emperor of Wei
Completed the story of Wu.Emperor of Wu
Viewed all events.Event Collector
Learned all skills with any officer.Expert
Completed all of the Jin Alliance Battles in Conquest Mode.Friend of Jin
Completed all of the Shu Alliance Battles in Conquest Mode.Friend of Shu
Completed all of the Wei Alliance Battles in Conquest Mode.Friend of Wei
Completed all of the Wu Alliance Battles in Conquest Mode.Friend of Wu
Achieved a total of more than 100,000 K.O.s over the course of the game.God of War
Heard all conversations.Good Listener
Used healing items a total of 100 or more times over the course of the game.Gourmand
Completed all kingdoms' stories.Grand Emperor
Increased your fame to 1 million or more in Conquest Mode.Hero of the Ages
Completed 10 or more Legendary Battles in Conquest Mode.Historian
Unlocked 7 capital cities in Conquest Mode.Little Conqueror
Unlocked all possible items in the gallery.Meticulous Collector
Viewed all movies.Movie Collector
Obtained a total of more than 1 million gold over the course of the game.Nobleman
Defeated Lu Bu for the first time.OK, you can pursue Lu Bu
Completed a battle without taking any damage.Perfect Battle
Answered all of the Scholar's quiz questions correctly in Conquest Mode.Quizmaster
Increased your fame to 500,000 or more in Conquest Mode.Renowned Warrior
Obtained all seals.Seal Collector
Completed a battle within 1 minute.Speedy Warrior
Completed the stories of Wei, Wu and Shu.Triple Conqueror
Obtained all trophies.True Warrior of the 3 Kingdoms
Completed all stages in Conquest Mode except for downloadable battles.Ultimate Conqueror
Defeated 3,000 or more enemies in a single battle.Unrivaled Warrior
Unlocked all capital cities in Conquest Mode.Valor In The City
Obtained all types of wallpaper.Wallpaper Collector
Increased your fame to 100,000 or more in Conquest Mode.Wandering Fighter
Obtained all weapons of a single type, except for downloadable ones.Weapon Aficionado
Obtained all weapons except for downloadable ones.Weapon Collector
Completed the Yellow Turban Rebellion with one of the forces in Story Mode.Yellow Turbans Eliminated

Contributed By: Guard Master and Oniken.