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Final Fantasy XIII-2


Fragment Skills

In Serendity, you can unlock certain fragment skill through the Mystic to help you throughout the game.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Available after Chapter 5Anti-grav Jump
Available after Chapter 5Bargain Hunter
Complete the Academic Rank: Paradox Professor in Academia 400 AFBattlemania
Collect all Fragments in the Monster Bits and Bounty Hunter categories including the Archylte Steppe bossesChocobo Music
Collect all 160 FragmentsClock Master
Collect all Fragments in all versions of Yaschas MassifEncounter Master
Collect all Fragments in: New Bodhum (003AF), Bresha Ruins (005AF), Yaschas Massif (010AF and 01XAF), Oerba (200AF) and Sunleth Waterscape (300AF)Eyes of the Goddess
Collect all Fragments in the Academic Reward and Great Mog Wisdom categoriesField Killer
Collect all Fragments in all versions of Oerba including the Paradox ending in 200AFMobile Mog
Collect all Fragments in Vile Peaks in both 200 and 010 AFMonster Collector
Beat the gameParadox Scope
Collect every Fragment in all versions of Bresha Ruins and Yaschas MassifRolling in CP

Contributed By: levelmaster2.

Improved Moggle Throw: Monster Crystals

This can only acquire when you reach Serendipity on the first time, talk to Mystic and she will give you Mog's Manifestation which can improve your moggle's throw and Haggler skill to increase your sale price by 10%. Do this moggle throw at certain areas to get one of a kind monster crystal.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
A Dying World 700 - Throw Mog on to position close to Chocolina in the black sands zone.Cactuarama
New Bodhum 003AF - Throw Mog into the crater beneath the gate in the meteorite impact site area.Cactuarina
Archylte Steppe ???AF - Throw Mog into the patch of red flowers close to the cactuar waystone on the plains of eternity.Chichu
Sunleth Waterscape 300AF - Hurl Mog at the two Miniflan while riding the giant beast in the anime trail area.Leyak
Archylte Steppe ???AF - Throw Mog onto the small island at the center of the clearwater marshes. The probability of finding the Nanochu crystal is 10%Nanochu
New Bodhum 003AF - Throw Mog into the ocean from the pier east of the NORA house.Rangda
Academia 4XXAF - Throw Mog onto the platform beneath the holographic projection of Cocoon.Silver Chocobo

Contributed By: shuin_exe.

XMB Themes

After completing certain requirements the following XMB themes become available for download from the title screen:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Obtain the "Master of Time" Platinum TrophyAlternate Lightning XMB Theme
Have a FFXIII Game SaveLightnng XMB Theme
Obtain the "Fair Fighter" TrophyMog XMB Theme
Get 5 star rating on final bossNoel Kreiss XMB Theme
Obtain the "Defragmented" TrophySerah Farron XMB Theme

Contributed By: BBQsRNeat and truepenfold.

Easter Eggs

Secret Ending

After collecting all 160 fragments, activate the Paradox Scope and repeat the final boss battles in Academia (500AF) to view a secret ending after the credits roll.

Contributed By: levelmaster2.