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Assassin's Creed III


Captain Kidd Missions

Complete the 5 Captain Kidd missions that are unlocked by collecting trinkets

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the Captain Kidd missionsShard of Eden

Contributed By: peephole303.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the Achilles' Painting mission (Unlocked in Manor)Achilles' Originial Outfit
Complete all main missions with all Optional Objectives (Unlocked in Manor)Altair's Outfit
Start of Sequence 09 (Unlocked in shops)Baltimore Outfit
Start of Sequence 06 (Unlocked in shops)Boston Outfit
Complete the Oak Island Naval Location (Unlocked in Manor)Captain Kidd's Outfit
Start of Sequence 06 (Unlocked in shops)Charleston Outfit
Through Uplay (Unlocked in Manor)Ezio Outfit
Start of Sequence 06 (Unlocked in shops)Jamestown Outfit
Collect all Feathers (Unlocked in Manor)Kanienkeha:ka Outfit
Start of Sequence 09 (Unlocked in shops)New York Outfit
Start of Sequence 09 (Unlocked in shops)Philidelphia Outfit

Contributed By: ChouTengenToppa.

Pivot Points

Pivot Points are special Collectibles that unlock once you successfully beat the Main Story, Pivot points unlock "cheats" in the Animus. Cheats can be accessed by pressing (Start -> Options -> Scroll Down to Animus Hack)

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect Pivot - "Epsilon"Infinite Ammo
Collect Pivot - "Theta"Killing Spree (Possible to assassinate enemies during open combat)
Collect Pivot - "Iota"Made of Steel (Unlimited health)
Collect Pivot - "Lambda"Ninja (Guard detection and investigation is turned off)
Collect Pivot - "Omicron"Recruit (Infinite Recruit Tokens)
Collect Pivot - "Tau"Season Changer (Ability to switch between summer and winter)
Collect Pivot - "Kappa"Semi-Automatic (No reload times)
Collect Pivot - "Eta"Sun and Moon (Ability to set day/night)
Collect Pivot - "Upsilon"Thunder Kill (Lightning strikes every time you make a kill)
Collect Pivot - "Sigma"Weather Man (Ability to set the weather)

Contributed By: o0o_Shadow_o0o.


Assassin Turkey

At any point beyond Sequence 6, return to the Davenport Homestead and, from the front door, walk around the right side of the manor and hide around the corner at the back. Whistle, and a turkey will appear nearby. Approach it and press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, O, X to feed it. This will result in the turkey donning an Assassin's hood and following Connor around.

Contributed By: Voriki1.