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Elemental Monster



Most trophies can be earned in Single Player, but some require online play and you must earn them all to get the Platinum trophy. (Yes, this game has a Platinum trophy even though it's not a retail game)

Obtain all Elemental Monster trophiesAll Complete
Obtain 30 different avatarsAvatar Collector
Clear all Tutorial Stages in Singleplayer ModeBeginner
Exceed 100 cardsCard Collector
Obtain Dark Jewel in Singleplayer ModeDark Jewel
Acquire Defense Formation in Singleplayer ModeDefense Formation
Draw the Legendary Dragons pack while playing the gameDragon Master
Clear all stages in Singleplayer ModeElemental Master
Obtain Fire Jewel in Singleplayer ModeFire Jewel
Clear Tutorial Stage 1 in Singleplayer ModeFirst Victory
Conduct Card Fusion onceFusion Novice
Visit Hydrae in Singleplayer ModeHydrae
Acquire one card of Legendary rarityLegendary Card
Defeat the Demon King in Singleplayer ModeLegendary Master
Visit Leonis in Singleplayer ModeLeonis
Obtain Light Jewel in Singleplayer ModeLight Jewel
Summon a monster in Singleplayer ModeMonster Summon
Acquire Offense Formation in Singleplayer ModeOffense Formation
Win 100 battlesPractitioner
Win 100 battles in the Ranking MatchProfessional
Obtain 50 different titlesScholar
Visit Scorpie in Singleplayer ModeScorpie
Acquire Separate Formation in Singleplayer ModeSeparate Formation
Visit Serpentis in Singleplayer ModeSerpentis
Obtain 100 different titlesTitle Collector
Win 100 consecutive battlesVeteran
Become Class 100Warrior
Obtain Water Jewel in Singleplayer ModeWater Jewel
Acquire Wing Formation in Singleplayer ModeWing Formation
Visit the Witch's Abode in Singleplayer ModeWitch's Abode
Obtain Wood Jewel in Singleplayer ModeWood Jewel
Conduct battle once in Multiplayer ModeWorld

Contributed By: j_coat.