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4 Elements HD



There are 12 Bronze Trophies and 4 Silver Trophies.

Reach a total score of 200000Archmage
Use the Bomb power-up 10 timesBomber
Create a chain of 20 or more piecesBoom!
Create 1000 chains of 5 or more piecesChainmaker
Complete the first Water levelConquering the Deep
Complete the first Earth levelConquering the Earth
Complete the first Fire levelConquering the Fire
Complete the first Air levelConquering the Sky
Buy any castle upgradeCornerstone
Use the Spade power-up 10 timesDigger
Buy all castle upgradesHome Sweet Home
Destroy 1500 frozen piecesIcebreaker
Create a chain of 30 or more piecesKABOOM!!!
Complete all levels of the gameMaster of Elements
Use the Shuffle power-up 10 timesShuffler
Use the Swap power-up 10 timesSwapper

Contributed By: Guard Master.