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Bit.Trip Presents...Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien



There are 15 Bronze Trophies and 1 Gold Trophy.

Get One Perfect+ in Each WorldBetter Than Perfect
Complete World 1Cloud King
Dance 100 TimesDancing Fool
Get Two Double Perfects in Each WorldDouble Perfectionist
Complete World 4Feel the Burn
Complete World 5Future Legend
Beat All Levels on HardHardcore
Complete 30 RewardsJogging Along
Get a Triple Perfect+ in Every LevelPerfect Perfectionist
Get One Perfect Run in Each LevelPerfectionist
Complete 60 RewardsRunning Steady
Complete World 3Super Tree Hugger
Get Three Triple Perfects in Each WorldTriple Perfectionist
Complete World 2Water Strider
Unlock a New CharacterWho Dat!?
Complete all 90 RewardsYou are AWESOME

Contributed By: Guard Master.