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Mugen Souls



There are 42 Bronze Trophies, 5 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Dealt 1,000,000 points of damage.1,000,000 Damage!
Dealt 10,000 points of damage.10,000 Damage!
Dealt 10,000,000 points of damage.10,000,000 Damage!
Dealt 10,000,000,000 points of damage.10,000,000,000 Damage!
Dealt 100,000 points of damage.100,000 Damage!
Dealt 100,000,000 points of damage.100,000,000 Damage!
Destroyed an object in the air.Air Superiority!
Successfully get a preemptive attack.Assault Those Baddies!
Turn a continent into your peon.Continental Peon
Performed a Blast Off attack at maximum power.Deep Space Flight! Go!
Defeated all the doppelgangers.Doppelganger Case: Closed!
Performed a combo with at least 999 hits.Fantastic Combo!
Activated a Triple Counter Stop at full power.Fantastic TCS!
Activated Fever Mode.Fever Time! Go, Go, Go!
Made the hero and demon lord of Fire World into your peons!Fire World Conquered!
Used Peon Fusion over 10 times.Fusion Complete?
Won a G-Castle battle.G-Castle Battler
Learned all G-Castle skills.G-Castle Master
Unlocked a hidden Job.Hard Worker
Performed a Blast Off attack.It Flew?!
Unlocked all Jobs.Job Master
Reached Level 999.Level 999
Reached Level 9999.Level 9999
Obtained all types of shampurus.Master Chou-Chou
Made the hero and demon lord of Metal World into your peons!Metal World Conquered!
Successfully make an enemy your peon.Moe Kill First-Timer
Made the hero and demon lord of Moon World into your peons!Moon World Conquered!
Reached the 100th floor of the Mugen Field.Mugen Field: 100th Floor
Reached the 50th floor of the Mugen Field.Mugen Field: 50th Floor
Entered the Mugen Field for the first time.Mugen Field: Access
Performed a combo with at least 100 hits.Nice Combo!
Activated a Triple Counter Stop.Nice TCS!
Obtained more than 999,999,999 Mugen Points.Overwhelming Grind!
Held more than 100,000,000 G.Overwhelming Millionare!
Made a Peon Ball over 10,000,000,000 Km in size.Overwhelming Peon Ball, GO!
The seven worlds are all yours now!Seven World Conqueror
Obtained more than 50 types of shampurus.Shampuru Collector
Obtained more than 20 types of shampurus.Shampuru Fan
Be a victim of your own Peon Ball.Shampuru Revolution!
Won a battle in the Mugen Field with all commands sealed.Signed, Sealed, and Delivered!
Defeated the Sun Goddess.Sun Goddess Supernova!
Made the hero and demon lord of Sun World into your peons!Sun World Conquered!
Checked out the stat-boosting hot spring for the first time.Take a Dip!
Saw the normal ending.The End?
Increased Chou-Chou's Charm Level beyond the 50 percent mark.The God of Moe
Increased Chou-Chou's Charm Level to 100 percent.The Goddess Has Descended?
Saw the true ending.The Real End!
Unlocked all trophies. Are you an undisputed god now, too!?The Undisputed God
Made the hero and demon lord of Tree World into your peons!Tree World Conquered!
Made the hero and demon lord of Water World into your peons!Water World Conquered!
You started the game. Great work!World Domination, Go!

Contributed By: Guard Master.