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Under Defeat HD


Number of Continues

The number of continues increases with the total number of hours.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Game Time of 0:00:00-0:59:592 Continues
Game Time of 1:00:00-1:59:593 Continues
Game Time of 2:00:00-2:59:594 Continues
Game Time of 3:00:00-3:59:595 Continues
Game Time of 4:00:00-4:59:596 Continues
Game Time of 5:00:00-5:59:597 Continues
Game Time of 6:00:00-6:59:598 Continues
Game Time of 7:00:00-7:59:599 Continues
Game Time of 8:00:00 or moreFree Play(Unlimited Continues)

Contributed By: SoukyuGuren.



There are 28 Bronze Trophies, 6 Silver Trophies, 5 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Arcade Mode STAGE1-1 ClearedARCADE 1-1 CMPL
Arcade Mode STAGE1-2 ClearedARCADE 1-2 CMPL
Arcade Mode STAGE1-3 ClearedARCADE 1-3 CMPL
Arcade Mode STAGE1-4 ClearedARCADE 1-4 CMPL
Arcade Mode STAGE1-5 ClearedARCADE 1-5 CMPL
Arcade Mode STAGE2-1 ClearedARCADE 2-1 CMPL
Arcade Mode STAGE2-2 ClearedARCADE 2-2 CMPL
Arcade Mode STAGE2-3 ClearedARCADE 2-3 CMPL
Arcade Mode STAGE2-4 ClearedARCADE 2-4 CMPL
Arcade Mode STAGE2-5 ClearedARCADE 2-5 CMPL
Arcade Mode EASY Difficulty ClearedARCADE EASY CMPL
Arcade Extra Mode ClearedARCADE EXTRA END
Arcade Extra Mode StartedARCADE EXTRA START
Arcade Mode HARD Difficulty ClearedARCADE HARD CMPL
Arcade Mode NORMAL Difficulty ClearedARCADE NORMAL CMPL
Arcade Mode ClearedARCADE NORMAL END
New Order Mode STAGE1-1 ClearedNEW ORDER 1-1 CMPL
New Order Mode STAGE1-2 ClearedNEW ORDER 1-2 CMPL
New Order Mode STAGE1-3 ClearedNEW ORDER 1-3 CMPL
New Order Mode STAGE1-4 ClearedNEW ORDER 1-4 CMPL
New Order Mode STAGE1-5 ClearedNEW ORDER 1-5 CMPL
New Order Mode STAGE2-1 ClearedNEW ORDER 2-1 CMPL
New Order Mode STAGE2-2 ClearedNEW ORDER 2-2 CMPL
New Order Mode STAGE2-3 ClearedNEW ORDER 2-3 CMPL
New Order Mode STAGE2-4 ClearedNEW ORDER 2-4 CMPL
New Order Mode STAGE2-5 ClearedNEW ORDER 2-5 CMPL
New Order Mode EASY Difficulty ClearedNEW ORDER EASY CMPL
New Order Extra Mode StartedNEW ORDER EXTRA END
New Order Extra Mode StartedNEW ORDER EXTRA START
New Order Mode HARD Difficulty ClearedNEW ORDER HARD CMPL
New Order Mode NORMAL Difficulty ClearedNEW ORDER NORMAL CMPL
New Order Mode ClearedNEW ORDER NORMAL END

Contributed By: Guard Master.