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Jak and Daxter Collection


Trophies: Jak 3

There are 34 Bronze Trophies, 9 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Race for ArtifactsArt or Facts?
Beat Cyber-Errol BossBatter the Boss
Beat Kleiver in Desert RaceBeat It
Destroy Metal Head TowerBig Tower Fall Down
Kill Dark Plants in ForestBlack Thumb Too
Break Barrier with Blast BotBlam!
Escort Bomb TrainBombs on a Train
Destroy Incoming Blast BotsBoom Bada Boom
Defeat Veger's Precursor RobotBossing the Bot Boss
Destroy Sniper CannonsCan Can Cannon
Activate Astro-Viewer in ForestClear Vision
Destroy Eggs in NestCrunched
Rescue Wastelanders 2Do Gooder
Reach Catacombs via Palace RuinsDuck and Dodge
Rescue Seem at TempleDude in Distress
Destroy Metal-pedes in NestEmpty Nesters
Explore Eco MineEx-plorer
For Stamina and Time On Your Hands and an insatiable need for completion.Fait Accompli
Defend Spargus' Front GateGate Crasher Masher
Collect 250 Metal Head Skull GemsHead Over Here
Hijack Eco VehicleHi Jak!
Defend Ashelin at OasisHot Babe
Catch Kanga-RatsI Smell A Rat
Destroy War Factory DefensesI Want to Destroy!
Hang Glide to VolcanoIs It Hot in Here?
Collect 125 Metal Head Skull GemsMy Head Hurts
Collect 25 Metal Head Skull GemsOh My Head
Destroy Dark ShipPlasma Ball
Defend Port from AttackPort to Starboard
Travel through Catacomb SubrailsRailing at the Wind
Destroy Dark Ship ShieldShields are Down
Defend Spargus from AttackShoot 'em High
Reach Port via SewerSwamp Gas
Reach Metal Head Area via SewerSwimming Hole
Find Switch in SewersSwitcheroo
Destroy Final BossTaking Him Down
Destroy Dark Eco TanksTanks for the Mammaries
Destroy Metal Head BeastsThe Beast Beater
Defend HQ from AttackThe Best Defense
Take Out Marauder StrongholdThe Masked Marauders
Collect 50 Precursor OrbsThe Orbiter of Faith
Collect 600 Precursor OrbsThe Orbiter of Record
Collect 300 Precursor OrbsThe Orbiter of Taste
Break through RuinsThey Were Ruined Anyway
Defeat Marauders in ArenaWorld Wild Fight
Corral Wild LeapersYippie Ki-Yay
Race for More ArtifactsZoom Zoom

Contributed By: Guard Master.

Trophies: Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

There are 22 Bronze Trophies, 12 Silver Trophies, 4 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

The Final Battle Against Gol and MaiaBattle Hardened
Defeat the Dark Eco PlantBlack Thumb
Collect 49 Scout FliesBuzzed
Collect 28 Scout FliesBuzzin'
Catch the Flying LurkersCatch as Catch Can
Defeat KlawwDe-Klawwed
Push the Flut Flut Egg Off the CliffEggs Over Hard
Get the Power Cell from the PelicanGimmee That!
Cure Dark Eco Infected PlantsGreen Thumb
Catch 200 Pounds of FishHand Over Fish
Free the Yellow SageHey, Set Me Free!
Protect Farthy's SnacksHungry?
Navigate the Blue Precursor RingsI Got The Blues
Stop the 3 Lurker Glacier TroopsIt's Cold Out Here
Survive the Lurker Infested CaveIt's Dark in Here
Destroy the Dark Eco CrystalsKerblamm!
Collect 101 Power CellsMaximum Power!
Free the Blue SageNo, Set Me Free!
Open the Precursor DoorOpen Sez Me
Destroy the Balloon LurkersPop Goes the Lurker
Collect 50 Power CellsPower Chords
Collect 25 Power CellsPower Lunch
Navigate the Purple Precursor RingsPurple Pain
Free the Green SageSet Me Free Already!
Free the Red SageSet Me Free!
Connect the Eco BeamsShiny Happy Steeples
Beat the Record Time on the GorgeSpeedy Fast
Break all Four Tethers to the ZeppelinThe Lead Zeppelin
Collect 1000 Precursor OrbsThe Orberator
Collect 100 Precursor OrbsThe Orbist
Collect 2000 Precursor OrbsThe Super Orberator
Defeat Lurker Ambush in ArenaTonight's Featured Event
You have mastered the game and collected all there is to collect!Top of the Heap
Collect 112 Scout FliesTotally Buzzed Out!
Defeat the Lurker AmbushTwist and Shout
Herd the Yakows in to their PenYee Haw!
Reach the End of the Mountain PassZoom Zoom!
Reach the End of the Lava TubeZoom, Zoom, Zoom!
Reach the End of Fire CanyonZoom!

Contributed By: Guard Master.

Trophies: Jak II

There are 26 Bronze Trophies, 10 Silver Trophies, 4 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Protect Hideout from Bomb BotsBot Bot Boom Boom
Collect Money for KrewCha-ching
Get Seal Piece at DigClap Hands
Retrieve Banner from Dead TownDead and Gone
Destroy 5 Hellcat CruisersDoggin' the Hellcats
Defeat Baron at PalaceDon't Let Him Get Away
For excellent and dedicated field work in the field of battle for completion.Done Done Done
Find Sig in UnderportFinders Keepers
Defeat Baron in Mar's TombGrin and Baron It
Collect 250 Metal Head Skull GemsHead Cheese
Collect 510 Metal Head Skull GemsHead Master
Collect 50 Metal Head Skull GemsHead Over Heels
Attack the Metal Head NestHeavy Distortion
Get Heart of Mar in Weapons LabI Heart Heart
Find 3 Artifacts in Mountain TempleJust the Artifacts Ma'am
Blow up Ammo at FortressKaboom!
Destroy Equipment at DigKersplash!
Find Pumping Station PatrolLost and Found
Turn on 5 Power SwitchesMore Power to You
Use Items in No Man's CanyonNo Man is a Canyon
Destroy Eggs at Drill PlatformOver Easy
Destroy Metal Kor at NestPedal to the Metal
Protect Kor and KidPoor Kid
Catch Scouts in Haven ForestScout's Honor
Protect Sig at Pumping StationSignature Moves
Ride Elevator up to PalaceSkip the Stairs
Win Class 2 Race at StadiumSpeed Quicker
Win Class 1 Race in StadiumSpeed Speedily
Win Class 3 Race at StadiumSpeeding Slowly
Blow up Strip Mine in Eco WellsStrip Mine, Not Yours
Rescue Vin at Strip MineStripped Down
Destroy Ship at Drill PlatformSunken Ship
Pass the Tests of ManhoodTestosterone
Collect 286 Precursor OrbsThe Collectationator!
Collect 125 Precursor OrbsThe Collectivist
Collect 25 Precursor OrbsThe Collector
Destroy Drill Platform TowerTimber!
Destroy Turrets in SewersTurrets Syndrome
Rescue Friends at FortressWe're All Friends Here
Escort Men Through SewersWhat's That Smell?
Beat Krew in Weapons LabWho Knew Krew Blew?

Contributed By: Guard Master.

Jak 3 Cheats


Infinite Light Flight

This glitch happens because light shield terminates a combo. To exploit it, Simply use Light Flight, then immediatley Light Shield, Light Flight, Light Shield, etc. You can gain an infinite amount of altitude (height) with this glitch, and go over walls or through some ceilings.

Contributed By: Putnam.

Skip Missions in Hero Mode

You can skip some of the starting missions in hero mode. First, turn on the turbo jetboard secret. Then, use the jetboard to jump from island to island by executing the L1 high jump and a forward flip.

Contributed By: RabidSeal.

Unlimited/Easy Precursor Orbs

Go to any oracle statue and trade metal head skull gems to start an orb search challenge. Go to the orb and wait for the clock to turn to 00:00. Even though it says 00:00, it takes another second for the time to run out (I.E. 00:00 is really 00:00.100) So wait one more second, and then press Square to dash at the orb as soon as time runs out and the mission failed screen comes up. You will get 3 orbs, and be able to retry!

Contributed By: Shadow9000.


Unlockable Cheats

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Destroy Dark Eco Tanks Mission, Then Purchase For 3 OrbsDark Jak Homing Attacks
Complete Destroy Final Boss Mission, Then Purchase For 25 OrbsDark Jak Invisibility
Complete Destroy Final Boss Mission, Then Purchase For 100 OrbsInvulnerability
Complete Defend Ashelin at Oasis Mission, Then Purchase For 5 OrbsTurbo Jet Board in Desert
Complete Destroy Final Boss Mission, Then Purchase For 50 OrbsUnlimited Ammo
Complete Destroy Final Boss Mission, Then Purchase For 50 OrbsUnlimited Dark Jak
Complete Destroy Final Boss Mission, Then Purchase For 50 OrbsUnlimited Light Jak

Contributed By: trizetacannon and MarvThem.

Easter Eggs

Jak's New Clothes

Simply obtain all 600 Precursor Orbs to obtain different colored clothes for Jak. The message, "Congratulation! You found all 600 Precursor Orbs. Enjoy Jak's stylish new duds," will appear on the screen to confirm this.

Contributed By: BioLizard.


Easy Timed Challenges

You can use Light Jak's time freezing ability to slow down the clock during challenges while you move around at normal speed.

Contributed By: RabidSeal.

Easy win on Hang Time challenge

In the mission when you must get a high hang time. In stead of doing it the standard way by using jumps in your buggy, get out of you buggy and use the mass invertor it will get you an automatic gold in total hang time (you may have to use the gun more than once) and single hang time.

Contributed By: dragobkcor.

Have unlimited Precursor Orbs Secrets

Let's say you have collected 5 Precursor Orbs and you want all three Level Selects, copy the file with 5 precursor orbs 3 times into the remaining save slots, and activate Act 1 Level Select in the first file. Then activate Act 2 Level Select in the second. Then activate Act 3 Level Select in the third file, and now you can have all three Level Selects!

NOTE: This trick can be used for the other secrets also.

Contributed By: yugioh2me.

No Damage from Big Falls

When you fall from a high place, kick (Circle) shortly before you hit the ground and you won't take any damage from the fall.

Contributed By: essellAY.

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Cheats

No Damage from Big Falls

When you fall from a high place, kick (Circle) shortly before you hit the ground and you won't take any damage from the fall.

Contributed By: essellAY.

Secret Ending

Get 100 or more power cells and finish the game to see a secret ending. If you get less than 100 power cells, you wont be able to see it.

Contributed By: Hadoken.

Jak II Cheats


Cool Warp World

Go to the South city water area and into the left corner (there should be a small square building with a door). Jump on the roof, orient your camera facing back towards the center of the water area, then roll off just above the door. If you do it right, you will hit the ground, the door will open briefly, and you should be able to get inside. Once inside, you can use R3 to look around, or press up on the camera repeatedly and you will suddenly be in an elevator. At the bottom of the elevator is a cool platform with blue stretching in all directions. You can kinda see the block puzzle in the upper left corner. When you die there you will reappear next to the Titan suit in the underport. This glitch cannot be accessed until you get to "Rescue Sig in the Underport".

Contributed By: SuperStarTIE.

Destroy Errol in last zoomer race

It is possible to destroy Errol in the final race. All you have to do is force him to hit a wall (the large rock one works best). He will not regenerate and the cutscene once you win the race remains the same. This does not work with other races and it is also possible for you to be destroyed as well.

Contributed By: LinkMan621.

Hit A Guard With a Zoomer, and He Won't Be Mad

If you are angry for whatever reason at the Krimzon Guard, and want to make them mad and not get killed for it, then complete these steps:
1- Get a Zoomer (they're the small fast little vehicles)
2- Go full speed aiming towards a guard
3- Right before you hit him, press Triangle to mount off
4- If you do it right, the vehicle will smash into him and he will receive damage, without raising any alarms

Contributed By: Caleb_Stoffel.

Slow Down Rock In Tomb

In the tomb when Daxter is being chased by a rock, hide as soon as you can behind one of the triangles sticking out from the wall on the left or right.The rock will be in slow motion allowing you to pass easily!!!!

Contributed By: intogames2004.

Swim Anywhere You Want in the Pumping Station

You can get rid of that annoying robot that kills you instantly by turning into Dark Jak and executing Dark Bomb in the water while the robot is in view. If done correctly your screen should shake a little and the robot should disappear.

Contributed By: RabidSeal.

Weird Death

While in the Water Slums, send a zoomer under a building. Next, get off the zoomer and try to get on again. If done correctly, you'll go into the water and sink til you die. You'll come back though.

Contributed By: UltimateChaos2002.


Unlock Alternate Scrap Book

To unlock the alternate scrap book, you must collect 200 precursor orbs in hero mode, not normal mode.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect 200 precursor orbs in hero modeAlternate Scrap Book

Contributed By: timespliterking.


Do the following tasks during gameplay to unlock these items.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect 200 orbsAlt. Scrap Book
Collect 30 orbsBig Head
Collect 200 orbsHero Mode
Collect 175 orbsInvulnerability
Collect 5 orbsJak's Goatee
Collect 145 orbsLevel Select
Collect 15 orbsMirror World
Collect 105 orbsPeace Maker Gun Course
Collect 135 orbsReverse Races
Collect 65 orbsScene Player Act 1
Collect 95 orbsScene Player Act 2
Collect 125 orbsScene Player Act 3
Collect 55 orbsScrap Book
Collect 45 orbsSmall Head
Collect 155 orbsUnlimited Ammo
Collect 165 orbsUnlimited Dark Jak
Collect 75 orbsVulcan Fury

Contributed By: EPNeo.

Easter Eggs

Naughty Dog Orbs

If you translate the writing on Precursor Orbs (they use the Precursor Alphabet) to English, it will read "Naughty Dog" . To find this, find a Precursor Orb (the red eggs) and translate it (this is done manually) .

Contributed By: To4oo4.

Naughty Sign

If you translate the text on the signs with the black and white letters with the red paw mark from the Precursor Alphabet to English, they'll read "Naughty Dog" . NOTE: Since there isn't an in-game option that translates stuff like this, you have to do it manually.

Contributed By: To4oo4.


Instant Alert Removal

To instantly remove alert status, walk into an airlock for a City exit (do not leave the city). The music should immediately fade and once you walk back into the city the alerts will be gone.

Contributed By: jeinduke.

No Damage from Big Falls

When you fall from a high place, kick (Circle) shortly before you hit the ground and you won't take any damage from the fall.

Contributed By: essellAY.

Unlimited Precursor orbs

The one and only way to get unlimited precursor orbs find a side mission that rewards precursor orbs when you find it in a certain amount of time. Get close to the orb and jump over top of the it and pause it before you fall on it (must be directly above orb when paused) and go to the 180° arrow and restart it. If done correctly you should hear the sound that you hear when you collect the orbs and the mission should restart. If you press R3 (press the right analog stick into the controller) you should have 3 more precursor orbs. Save frequently in the pause menu in case you do grab the orb before you can restart it

Contributed By: Tjbee.