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The Last of Us


Infinite Shiv Glitch

This glitch allows you to duplicate shiv materials at any time. To use this glitch, you must first pick up the upgraded melee weapon at the start of Bill's Town. (The weapon is found on the roof of the small building near the wooden plank just before you enter the town.) This weapon allows you to craft upgraded melee weapons and the glitch can only be done AFTER you acquire this weapon. To duplicate shiv materials, simply equip an upgraded melee weapon and then swap it with another melee weapon that you find in the environment (bat, lead pipe, 2x4, axe or machete). If you then swap and re-acquire the upgraded melee weapon, you should notice that your shiv materials are replenished plus you will still have your upgraded melee weapon. This glitch is very helpful if you are running low on materials and require a shiv for combat or to open a locked shiv door.

Contributed By: PyroJames.


New Game +

Complete game on Survivor to unlock new game + for , survivor, hard, Normal and easy mode

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete game on Easy or higher difficultyEasy +
Complete game on Hard or higher difficultyHard +
Complete game on Normal or higher difficultyNormal +
Complete game on Survivor difficultySurvivor +

Contributed By: DgtCloud and Ragnawind.



Complete each requirement to get the specified trophy. There are 7 Bronze trophies, 9 Silver trophies, 7 Gold trophies and 1 Platinum trophy.

Collect all comicsEndure and Survive
Fully upgrade Joel with supplementsEverything we've been through
Complete the Firefly JourneyFirefly
Fully upgrade all weaponsFor emergencies only
Complete the Hunter JourneyHunter
Find all training manualsI got this
Engage in all optional conversationsI want to talk about it
Platinum TrophyIt can't be for nothing
Find all artifactsIt was all just lying there
Win a game of Supply Raid and Survivors in find matchKnowing the Basics
Craft every itemLet's gear up
Find all Firefly PendantsLook for the Light
Unlock all shiv doorsMaster of Unlocking
Complete the game on EasyNo Matter What - Easy
Complete the game on HardNo Matter What - Hard
Complete the game on NormalNo Matter What - Normal
Complete the game on SurvivorNo Matter What - Survivor
Build your clan to 40 people in FactionsPopulace
Found all collectiblesScavenger
Survive all of Ellie's jokesThat's all I got
Complete the game on Easy +The Last of Us - Easy +
Complete the game on Hard +The Last of Us - Hard +
Complete the game on Normal +The Last of Us - Normal +
Complete the game on Survivor +The Last of Us - Survivor +

Contributed By: Mookiethebold.