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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD



Hold L2 (the left trigger) at the skater select screen, and press these combinations:

Triangle, Square, XMax All Stats
Triangle, Circle, XMax Money ($999,999,999)
X, Circle, TriangleUnlock All Cheats
X, Triangle, CircleUnlock All Game Modes
Triangle, Square, CircleUnlock All Levels
Triangle, Circle, SquareUnlock All Skaters
X, Square, TriangleUnlock All Tricks

Contributed By: lve_msg.


Misc. Unlockables

In order to unlock these modes and outfits, perform the following:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete a career (100% Marseille) with each characterAlternate Outfits
Unlock the Hangar levelBig Head Survival Mode
Unlock the Venice levelHawkman Mode
Complete all goals on all levels (each character has his own PROjectives goals)PROjectives Goals
Each time you unlock a new level, a new deck is available for purchaseUnlock Decks

Contributed By: Slateman.

Unlock Cheats

Cheats are available from the main menu's Help & Options menu. Complete the following objectives to unlock cheats.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat all Big Head Survival scores in each level with a single skaterBig Head
Complete 40 goals in a single skater's careerDusty Skater
Complete 30 goals in a single skater's careerGhost Skater
Complete 50 goals in a single skater's careerInvisible Skater
Max out the lip trick balance stat for a single skaterPerfect Lip Trick Balance
Max out the manual balance stat for a single skaterPerfect Manual Balance
Max out the rail balance stat for a single skaterPerfect Rail Balance
Complete 60 goals in a single skater's careerSlow-Mo Speed

Contributed By: Slateman.

Unlock Skaters

Unlock these four hidden skaters by completing the goals as follows:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete all 10 goals in Marseille with any character except Tony HawkOfficer Dick
Complete all PROjective goals on all levels with any skaterOllie The Magic Bum
Complete all goals on all levels in Hawkman Mode with any characterRoberta Modo
Complete all goals on all levels with Tony Hawk in career modeTHPS Tony Hawk

Contributed By: Slateman.



There are 17 Trophies - 1 Platinum, 9 Gold, 4 Silver, 3 Bronze.

Unlock MallA Mall Rat
Collect all pellets in one combo in Hawkman in the HangarAin't 'fraid of no ghosts
Unlock Officer DickBringing home the bacon
Complete all Projectives with one characterCompletist
Unlock Downhill JamDa Jam
Unlock The HangarDanger Zone
Complete the 100 Ski Jump gap in Downhill JamGap Skiing
Unlock Venice Beach, CAGoing Back to Cali
Hold a combo for 30 seconds after the time is up in MarseilleI don't want no 2 minute Man
Perform 15 manuals in one combo in School II with Rodney MullenManual Master
Score 200,000 points without performing a single Manual in one run in WarehouseOld School
Reach the end of the Mall 3 times in a single Big Head Survival runRace to the finish lines
Unlock School IISchool's Out
Get 500,000 points in one run in Venice BeachThe Best, Around
Win a match onlineThis. is. SKATEBOARDING!
Unlock All TrophiesTony Hawk's PS Master
Unlock Marseille, FranceUh huh, Oui Oui

Contributed By: Similac.