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XCOM: Enemy Unknown


Unlock ''XCOM Heros''.

By changing the first and last names of a soldier via the customize menu, you can unlock one of 4 characters based off of the crew who made the game. Using them WILL disable trophies for that game, and make the earlier missions extremely unbalanced in your favor, as each soldier will have later game advanced armor and weapons, high stats and be at Colonel rank. Please note that loading a save game with any of these characters still disables trophies.

Change name to Joe KellyUnlocks Joe Kelly - Heavy
Change name to Ken LevineUnlocks Ken Levine - Sniper
Change name to Otto ZanderUnlocks Otto Zander - Assault
Change name to Sid MeierUnlocks Sid Meier - Support

Contributed By: Shotgunner and DariusFF.