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Jak 3 HD


Debug Menu Cheats

Input the buttons anywhere in the game. The "Limited Debug Mode" code needs to be entered first and the "Full Debug Mode" code entered second. There is a chime after each debug mode is entered. Directions are entered using the directional pad. The left analog stick should be held still while L3 is held down.

These codes work on all final versions of all releases of this game. Note that for the Vita releases, use the rear touch pad to replace buttons: top-left for L2, bottom-left for L3, top-right for R2, and bottom-right for R3. Those codes requiring a second controller will not work on Vita.

While holding L3, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, X, X, Square, Circle, Square, Circle1st Code - Limited Debug Mode
While holding L3, press Circle, Square, Circle, Square, X, X, Right, Left, Right, Left, Down, Down2nd Code - Full Debug Mode
Controller 2 - R3 (hold)Display debug text
Controller 1 - L2 + R2 (while on foot)Enable flying; use L2/R2 to descend/ascend, X or L1 to exit
Controller 1 - L1 + R1 + L2 + R2Enter free camera mode; use again to exit free camera mode, respawning Jak and setting a checkppint
Controller 1 - R2 (while the game is paused)Frame advance (game goes forward by 1 frame - 1/60 second - and then repauses)
Controller 1 - L1 / R1 (during minigames)Lose / win the minigame (respectively)
Controller 2 - L3 + XObtain 1000 Skull Gems, 1000 Precursor Orbs, all guns, the Jetboard, some ammo, and a Dark/Light Eco refill
Controller 1 - L2 + R2 (while in Dark Maker Mech)Push the mech upwards
Controller 1 - Hold Up+Left, then press SelectRestart the game
Controller 1 - R2 (after taking damage)Restore health
Controller 1 - L2 + R1 (hold while paused)Reveal various pause menu options
Controller 1 - L1 / R1 / X (during cutscenes)Slow / speed up / reset cutscene speed (X pauses the scene if already at default speed)
Controller 2 - L3 + R1 (during cutscenes)Toggle cutscene debug text
Controller 2 - Triangle, or L3 + Square, or L3 + CircleToggle debug text

Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.



There are 34 Bronze Trophies, 9 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Race for ArtifactsArt or Facts?
Beat Cyber-Errol BossBatter the Boss
Beat Kleiver in Desert RaceBeat It
Destroy Metal Head TowerBig Tower Fall Down
Kill Dark Plants in ForestBlack Thumb Too
Break Barrier with Blast BotBlam!
Escort Bomb TrainBombs on a Train
Destroy Incoming Blast BotsBoom Bada Boom
Defeat Veger's Precursor RobotBossing the Bot Boss
Destroy Sniper CannonsCan Can Cannon
Activate Astro-Viewer in ForestClear Vision
Destroy Eggs in NestCrunched
Rescue Wastelanders 2Do Gooder
Reach Catacombs via Palace RuinsDuck and Dodge
Rescue Seem at TempleDude in Distress
Destroy Metal-pedes in NestEmpty Nesters
Explore Eco MineEx-plorer
For Stamina and Time On Your Hands and an insatiable need for completion.Fait Accompli
Defend Spargus' Front GateGate Crasher Masher
Collect 250 Metal Head Skull GemsHead Over Here
Hijack Eco VehicleHi Jak!
Defend Ashelin at OasisHot Babe
Catch Kanga-RatsI Smell A Rat
Destroy War Factory DefensesI Want to Destroy!
Hang Glide to VolcanoIs It Hot in Here?
Collect 125 Metal Head Skull GemsMy Head Hurts
Collect 25 Metal Head Skull GemsOh My Head
Destroy Dark ShipPlasma Ball
Defend Port from AttackPort to Starboard
Travel through Catacomb SubrailsRailing at the Wind
Destroy Dark Ship ShieldShields are Down
Defend Spargus from AttackShoot 'em High
Reach Port via SewerSwamp Gas
Reach Metal Head Area via SewerSwimming Hole
Find Switch in SewersSwitcheroo
Destroy Final BossTaking Him Down
Destroy Dark Eco TanksTanks for the Mammaries
Destroy Metal Head BeastsThe Beast Beater
Defend HQ from AttackThe Best Defense
Take Out Marauder StrongholdThe Masked Marauders
Collect 50 Precursor OrbsThe Orbiter of Faith
Collect 600 Precursor OrbsThe Orbiter of Record
Collect 300 Precursor OrbsThe Orbiter of Taste
Break through RuinsThey Were Ruined Anyway
Defeat Marauders in ArenaWorld Wild Fight
Corral Wild LeapersYippie Ki-Yay
Race for More ArtifactsZoom Zoom

Contributed By: Guard Master.