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Skylanders Giants


Nightmare Mode

A More difficult mode unlocked when you beat the game on any level of difficulty

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat game on any level of difficultyNightmare Mode

Contributed By: shinjix2.



There are 36 Bronze Trophies, 6 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Complete your first arena challenge1 and 0
Complete 1 Heroic ChallengeA New Hero
Complete Chapter 15Arkus Adventurer
Chapter 6 - Destroy all the Arkeyan AutogyrosAutogyro Pyrotechnician
Chapter 8 - Complete the level without getting directly hit by a cannonCannon Confounder
Chapter 2 - Complete the Chain Pull Feat of StrengthChain Champ
DonClean Jersey
Chapter 13 - Destroy all the columns in the second trialColumn Crusher
Earn 3 Stars on any Adventure LevelCompletionist
Complete Chapter 14Copter Captain
Complete Chapter 11Drill-X Defeator
Chapter 1 - Open all the Elemental areasElemental Enthusiast
Unlock your first Elemental areaElemental Explorer
Collect 10 HatsFashionista
Chapter 15 - Defeat Freebot in a game of SkystonesFreebot Isn't Free
Complete Chapter 5Glacier Great
Complete all 21 Arena ChallengesGreat Gladiator!
Collect 10 Story ScrollsHint Scholar
Chapter 12 - Destroy 3 enemy huts with boulders Giants can liftHut Wrecker
Chapter 9 - Destroy 10 Kaos Bust StatuesKaos Buster
Chapter 16 - Complete the chapter without taking damage from fire trapsKeepin' Cool
Complete Chapter 9King of the Castle
Chapter 3 - Complete the Log Lift Feat of StrengthLog Lifter
Chapter 10 - Shoot down 10 minesMine Menace
Complete Chapter 12Molekin Liberator
Complete the Story Mode on Nightmare difficultyNightmare Avenger
Earn all other TrophiesNO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 14 - Collect all 16 speed boosts in "The Long Haul" sectionPedal to the Metal
Chapter 11 - Damage Drill-X by throwing a pipe at himPipe Petard
Complete Chapter 3Rumbletown Ranger
Complete the Story Mode by recovering the Iron Fist of Arkus and defeating Kaos on any difficultySavior of Skylands!
Complete Chapter 8Security Breacher
Collect 10 Legendary Ship PartsSeeker Adept
Complete Chapter 10Sky Survivor
Chapter 4 - Collect all of the SkystonesSkystone Sampler
SkyStones - Capture 2 stones with 1 single stoneSkystones Strategist
Complete Chapter 4Skystones Superstar
Chapter 5 - Destroy 7 snowmenSnowman Slammer
Collect soul gems for Tree Rex and Jet-VacSoul Surfer
Amass 65,000 Treasure with any one SkylanderSpend That Loot!
Chapter 7 - Talk to all of the WilikinsTalker in a Strange Land
Level up any Skylander to level 15To the Max
Complete Chapter 13Trial Taker
Purchase all upgrades for any one SkylanderUpgrade Uniter
Complete Chapter 6Vault Victor
Complete Chapter 7Wilikin Winner

Contributed By: Guard Master.