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Batman: Arkham City - Harley Quinn's Revenge


DLC: Harley Quinn's Revenge

There are 10 Trophies - 7 Bronze, 3 Silver.

Use 5 different Quickfire gadgets in one fight as Robin in Harley Quinn's RevengeA Few New Tricks
Shield Bash 5 different thugsBattering Ram
Defuse all bombs in 3 minutes or lessBomb Squad
Find a way into the secret baseBreaking and Entering
Zip Kick 3 different thugsFrequent Flyer
Clean up the Dry DocksHow's It Hanging?
No crimefighter should be without thisLost Property
Destroy all Harley BalloonsParty's Over
Snap Flash an unarmed thug, an armed thug, an environmental object and a TitanSnap To It
The joke's on who?The Last Laugh

Contributed By: Similac.