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Doom 3 BFG Edition

Doom 3 Cheats


Multiplayer: Command Cheat.

This cheat allows you to give voice repsonds in the multiplayer mode it can be used in all game types but is good to use in team death match since it does use responses for commanding your team.

You must use the console for this cheat to become activated. By pressing ctrl+alt+~(tilda) this opens up the console. You press the Num Pad keys to give the command.

Press 7 (Seven)"Attack Now"
Press 1 (One)"Cancel That"
Press 5 (Five)"Cover Me"
Press / (Backslash)"Die Already"
Press 4 (Four)"Grab the Armour"
Press 0 (Zero)"Great Game"
Press * (Asterisk)"Hack"
Press 9 (Nine)"I'll Take That"
Press 8 (Eight)"Move In "
Press 6 (Six)"Over Here"
Press 3 (Three)"Prepare for Attack"
Press 2 (Two)"Pull Back!"
Press . (Period)"That Sucked"
exec mp_vchatActivates the cheat.

Contributed By: Kenster102.

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil Cheats

Storage Locker combinations

There will be quite a few times in Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil where you will find various Storage Lockers in the facility. You can find the codes from various peoples' PDA's, but here's a quick reference. The first number will be the Storage Locker number, the second will be the combination required to open it.

#042 - 714Box of Shotgun Shells, Chaingun rounds
#035 - 134Bullets, Shotgun Shells, Armor Shards
#105 - 769Bullets, Shotgun Shells, Hand Grenades
#407 - 937Bullets, Shotgun Shells, Small Medikit
#034 - 134Chaingun rounds, Machine Gun ammo
#029 - 516Machine Gun ammo, Security Armor
#408 - 937Shotgun Shells
#116 - 634Shotgun Shells, Cells
#117 - 634Shotgun Shells, Chaingun ammo

Contributed By: MorpheusDV.


Nightmare difficulty

Harder version of the game in which your health is constantly going down.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game on any difficulty once.Nightmare Difficulty

Contributed By: SuperSamusAran.