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Wonderbook: Diggs Nightcrawler



There are 23 Bronze Trophies, 10 Silver Trophies, 4 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Complete 20 photo assignmentsApprentice Photographer
Humpty comes back to lifeBack to Life
Help Ma Goose to fix a broken bookBookworm
Climb up the waterspout without being hitCareful Climber
Meet all of the characters during the corridor chaseCast of Library City
Complete Chapter OneChapter One Complete
Complete Chapter ThreeChapter Three Complete
Complete Chapter TwoChapter Two Complete
Don't get caught by the three little pigs in Humpty's clubCut down on Bacon
Chose a path for DiggsDecision Maker
Hit two Monkeys at the same timeDouble Whammy
Unravel Diggs without Shadow noticing in the hangarEscape artist
Down came the rain and washed the spider outFate
Stop the fireFire Fighter
Get caught and escape from the three little pigs three times in Humpty's clubHogpiled
Help the Invisible Man to find the entranceInvisible Man's navigator
Help Diggs enter Humpty's ClubJoin the Circus
Look at the lightning through the elevator windowLightning Catcher
Play all the musical instruments at the same timeMaestro
Only hit the monkeysMaster Monkey Basher
Complete all 88 photo assignmentsMaster Photographer
Sneak past the three monkeysMerry Men in Disguise
Follow the villain's shadow without making a mistakeNose for Trouble
Escape from the three little pigsPigs in Blankets
Unlock all other trophiesPlatinum
Find the dancers behind Humpty's ClubPrivate Party
Hit all the musical ducksQuackers
Complete the shoot-out in 210 secondsQuickdraw Diggs
Report everything to HumptyRecount the Astounding Story
Complete 50 photo assignmentsSenior Photographer
Rub the shark to find the objectsShark Bait
Carry a sheep on Diggs' barrelSheep Passenger
Make a sheep pile and knock it downSheep Tower
Drive without hitting obstaclesSkilful Driver
Clear up the big sheep pile in 30 secondsThe Big Sheep
Help Ma Goose to fix 5 books in 240 secondsTrue Librarian
Find out who is the bossWho's the boss?
Enter Diggs's officeWhy Don't You Come In?

Contributed By: Guard Master.