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Planets Under Attack



There are 21 Bronze Trophies.

Get 60 stars in the Humanity Inc.campaign.Admiral
Get 40 stars in the Humanity Inc.campaign.Captain
Get 30 stars in the Humanity Inc.campaign.Commander
Reach level 10 for Robot race.Deep Blue
Successfully defend a planet with just a few citizens on it (except for offline multiplayer).Don't panic!
Purge all Swarm planets before completing the mission.Exterminator
Complete half of the Humanity Inc.campaign.Half way
Win a 4 player free for all match against 3 hard AI.Heart of iron
Complete 30 online multiplayer matches.Intergalactic
Win in each basic game mode: Elimination, Capture, Domination, King of the Hill.Jack of all trades
Get 20 stars in the Humanity Inc.campaign.Lieutenant
Reach level 20 for Human race.Man of the Year
Get 10 stars in the Humanity Inc.campaign.Midshipman
Capture a planet when you have no planets left in any mode except for offline multiplayer.Narrow escape
Complete all missions in the Humanity Inc. campaign.Pinnacle of Man
Get 5 stars in the Humanity Inc.campaign.Private
Destroy one million enemy population. Yes, 1 000 000.Seriously?!
Trick Destrobos' death planet into attacking its own ally during the boss battle.Tactician
Win an online team multiplayer match.Team Player
Earn all stars in a single mission in the Humanity Inc.campaign.Thorough
Get 50 stars in the Humanity Inc.campaign.Vice Admiral

Contributed By: Guard Master.