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Alien Breed



There are 21 Bronze Trophies.

Kill 10 aliens.Assault
Defeat a boss alien together with flamethrowers.Burn, Baby Burn
Make your first kill.First Blood
Complete Alien Breed.Hard as Nails
Score 1,000,000 co-op points in a level.He Shoots, He Scores
Complete 17 co-op games.ISR4-C
Purchase all weapons from the shop.Locked and Loaded
Watch the Alien Breed prologue.Never Get it Back
Flame 1000 aliens.Ripley
Kill 50 aliens during a countdown.Roxanne
Complete Alien Breed level 2 without firing your weapon.Run, Stone Run!
Kill 2 aliens with one shot.Saving Ammo
Collect every pickup on a level.Scavenger
Reach an exit deck lift with 1 second remaining.Seconds Out
Die together in the mashers on Convergence level 4.Smashing
Score 17,171,717 points total single or co-op play.Teamster
Complete a level in co-op.There's No I in Team
Complete Alien Breed SE level 11 in co-op without tripping the alarm.Tread Carefully
Kill 100 aliens.Warming Up
Defeat a boss without firing the assault rifle.Who's the Boss?
Complete a level using no keys.You're Only Supposed to Blow the Bl**dy Doors Off

Contributed By: Seth0708.