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In-game, hit pause. Go under the options tab and select enter code.

The Hollow LordHarvester unlocked at the shop for 0 souls

Contributed By: daxenth.



Complete each requirement to get the specified Trophy. There are 26 Bronze Trophies, 13 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Kill 160 enemies while on the angelic beastAerial Predator (Bronze)
Collect MercyAn Old Friend (Bronze)
Defeat the StygianAshes to Ashes (Silver)
Defeat the game on NORMALBalance Restored (Gold)
Max out all weapons & unlock all combat movesBattle Hardened (Silver)
Unlocked EVERYTHINGBFA (Platinum)
Collect the Shadowflight AbilityChasm Jumper (Bronze)
Ride for 100 milesDark Rider (Bronze)
Meet VulgrumDeath Dealer (Bronze)
Kill 10 enemies with one blade geyser wrath attackDevastator (Bronze)
Collect the Chaos Form AbilityDonít Make Me Angry (Bronze)
Collect the CrossbladeElemental Thief (Bronze)
Collect the maximum amount of lifestonesFull Power (Silver)
Kill 5 duskwings without touching the groundHigh Flier (Bronze)
Kill 150 Demons from horsebackHorseman (Bronze)
Kill 150 enemies with items from the environmentImprovised Kills (Bronze)
Collect VoidwalkerInto The Void (Bronze)
Collect the Abyssum Armor SetLegendary Form (Silver)
Defeat TiamatLike A Bat Outta Hell (Silver)
Defeat SilithaOne Mean Mother (Silver)
Meet UlthaneOne Tough Cookie (Bronze)
Taking out a helicopter with a car, during the apocalypseOpen Air Parking (Bronze)
Defeat StragaPaybackís A B**** (Silver)
Free Samael from his prisonPrison Break (Bronze)
Collect the Abyssal ChainReach Out & Touch Somebody (Bronze)
Collect the ScytheReaper (Bronze)
Obtain RuinReunited (Bronze)
Shed 3000 gallons of demon bloodRiver of Blood (Bronze)
Defeat the GrieverRocked Your Face Off (Silver)
Collect the Mask of ShadowsSight Beyond Sight (Bronze)
Kill 666 DemonsSlayer (Bronze)
Defeat the DestroyerThe Final Challenger (Silver)
Defeat the game on APOCALYPTICThe True Horseman (Gold)
Collect the Chronomancer AbilityTime Lapse (Bronze)
Collect the EarthcallerTo Move A Mountain (Bronze)
Search 150 chestsTreasure Hunter (Silver)
Collect the Tremor GauntletTremor Bringer (Bronze)
Forge the Armageddon BladeUltimate Blade (Silver)
Defeating more Angels than UlthaneWhoís Counting? (Bronze)
Collect all 27 ArtifactsWorld Raider (Silver)
Collect all the Wrath PowersWrath Machine (Bronze)
Collect the maximum amount of wrath coresWrath of War (Silver)
Complete the game on EASYYou Call That Easy (Gold)

Contributed By: Mookiethebold.