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Hitman: Absolution



There are 32 Bronze Trophies, 12 Silver Trophies, 2 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Assassinate facility leadersA Heavy Blow
Assassinate TravisA Personal Contract
Complete 10 challengesA Taste for the Game
Complete Hitman: Absolution™ on any professional difficultyAbsolution
Assassinate WadeAll Bark and no Bite
Complete the Play Contract TutorialBlood Money
Enter the train in the train stationCatch a Ride
Locate room 899Chamber of Secrets
Create a contract competitionCompetitive Spirit
Participate in a contract competitionContender
Contain a situation gone badDamage Control
Assassinate LaylaDestroying Something Beautiful
Defeat Sanchez with your bare handsFaith Can Move Mountains
Complete the Create Contract TutorialFirst Contract
Assassinate Wade's menForepost
Complete 100 challengesGrand Master
Assassinate Diana BurnwoodHeavy Burden
Approach the churchHour of Reckoning
Remain undetected in a whole checkpointInconspicuous
Collect all evidenceInformation is Power
Achieve a lethal throw killIt's All in the Wrist
Collect all play stylesJack of All Trades
Gain access to the jailJailbird
Assassinate the King of ChinatownKingslayer
Pacify Lenny the LimpLike Stealing Candy From a Baby
Leave Lenny in the desertNot Worth It
Blend in successfullyOne of the Guys
Escape attention from enemiesOne With the Shadows
Play a contract created by a friendPartners in Crime
Complete 50 challengesReach for the Stars
Execute a point shooting with 3 killsRocksteady
Subdue a personSandman
Buy an upgradeSelf-improvement
Earn 1 million contract dollarsSet for Life
Acquire the SilverballersSignature Weapons
Achieve the rating: Silent AssassinSilent Assassin
Exit the minesStep Into the Light
Approach the bartenderThe Bartender Always Knows
Assassinate Blake DexterThe Final Countdown
Eliminate the SaintsThe Killing Fields
47 precision headshots using a sniper rifleThe Russian Hare
Like a contractThumbs Up
Collect all trophiesTop of Your Game
Acquire suit & glovesTrue Form
Unlock a techniqueTrue Potential
Hide a bodyUnder Wraps
Achieve your first accident killWhoops

Contributed By: Guard Master and Donald Love 87.


Secret Death in End of The Road *SPOILERS*

When you take Lenny out to the desert to decide whether to kill him or spare him, there is a secret and hilarious way to kill him if that is what you choose. Don't kill him. First, look around, and you'll see 5 vultures, some in air, with some perched. Make sure all of them are in air by running up to them and scaring them away. Then shoot all 5 down with any gun, and just wait. All of a sudden, an ice cream truck comes out of nowhere and runs over Lenny, sending him sky high. Interestingly enough, the ice cream truck seems very similar to that of the one in the Prologue.

Contributed By: Rogue_Agent.