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Hitman: Absolution

News Articles from GameSpot

Dark Souls, Hitman, and More Discounted in Humble Spring Sale 05/06/16
Next Xbox One Backwards-Compatible Game Revealed 02/12/16
GS News - Molyneux Sparks More Drama; Evolve’s DLC Adds Up To $136! 02/11/15
Watch First Trailer for Hitman Movie, Agent 47 02/11/15
Square Enix Ultimate Action and Ultimate Stealth Triple Packs Revealed 01/30/15
Next-Gen Hitman to be Revealed This Year 01/13/15
Hitman Movie Delayed by Six Months 10/17/14
New Hitman Game Focused on Sniping Announced for Mobile 06/05/14
New Hitman skipping E3, but here's some concept art 05/28/14
Hitman Absolution Highlights - The Shaun Method 04/16/14
Survival horror zombie game Deadlight now free on Xbox 360 04/16/14
Hitman: Absolution - The Shaun Method 04/14/14
Find out if Hitman GO is a Hitman No on April 17 04/10/14
Hitman: Absolution, Deadlight and the Dungeon Siege Complete Pack Deals - The Lobby 04/02/14
GS News Update - Square Enix rethinks its bid to appeal to the mass market after Bravely Default success 04/01/14
GS News Update: Microsoft unveils its free Xbox 360 games for April 03/31/14
Microsoft unveils its free Xbox 360 games for April 03/31/14
Square Enix rethinks its bid to appeal to the mass market after Bravely Default success 03/31/14
Hitman getting a turn-based strategy game, for real 02/13/14
Hitman movie female lead revealed 02/06/14
Hitman for Xbox One, PS4 has sandbox levels, no checkpoints 01/16/14
Homeland star to replace Paul Walker as lead in new Hitman movie 01/09/14
Square Enix Montreal's next-gen Hitman reportedly canceled, publisher responds [UPDATE] 01/06/14
Square Enix has great games but doesn't know how to sell them, says former exec 07/24/13
Hitman dev cuts staff, cancels projects 06/17/13
Square Enix America's CEO leaves for Amazon 05/23/13
Square Enix blasts 'oligopolistic' market for $134m loss 05/13/13
Layoffs hit Square Enix Europe 04/29/13
Hitman Absolution and Catherine head to EU PlayStation Plus in May 04/17/13
Square Enix: 'Huge slump' in NA sales hurt Tomb Raider, Hitman, Sleeping Dogs 04/09/13
Tomb Raider fails to reach sales target 03/26/13
Paul Walker to star in Hitman reboot 02/06/13
Square Enix stung by 'increasingly difficult' console market 02/05/13
GS News - Study: 89% of parents believe game violence a problem 01/11/13
Study: 89 percent of parents believe game violence a problem 01/11/13
The Twelve Days of Gun Show 12/26/12
Sound Byte: Best of 2012 In Game Music 12/13/12
Sound Byte 2012 Year In Review 12/13/12
GameSpot GamePlay Episode 21: I Like Getting Murdered 12/05/12
Hitman Facebook game killed after controversy 12/04/12
Hitman: Absolution - Deus Ex DLC Trailer 12/03/12
Hitman: Absolution - Signature Kills Game Guide Part One 11/27/12
New Hitman concept art released 11/27/12
Graphics Comparison - Hitman: Absolution 11/22/12
Next Hitman game to be developed by Square Enix Montreal - Report 11/22/12
Hitman: Evolution - From Blood Money to Absolution 11/21/12
The Do's and Don'ts of Hitman: Absolution 11/20/12
Hitman: Absolution drops online pass 11/19/12
AU Shippin' Out November 20-22: Hitman: Absolution, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale 11/18/12
Hitman: Absolution Review: 7.5 / 10 11/18/12
Hitman: Absolution - Nun Hunting in a Corn Field Gameplay Video 11/18/12
Hitman: Absolution - Fake Surrender Gameplay Video 11/18/12
Hitman: Absolution - The Deadliest Chipmunk Gameplay Video 11/18/12
Hitman: Absolution - The Amateur Approach Gameplay Video 11/18/12
Hitman: Absolution - Video Review 11/18/12
Hitman: Absolution - Now Playing 11/17/12
Hitman: Absolution - Launch Trailer 11/16/12
Hitman: Absolution dev says game limited by current gen - Report 11/15/12
Hitman: Absolution - Agent 47 ICA File 11/12/12
Hitman: Absolution - The Ultimate Assassin - Trailer 11/09/12
The What If Machine - Assassins 11/05/12
Hitman: Absolution - Living Breathing World Trailer 11/02/12
Hitman: Absolution - Dynamic Sounds Trailer 10/29/12
The What If Machine - Season 2 Teaser 10/23/12
Hitman Absolution Disguises Trailer 10/19/12
Hitman: Absolution - Deluxe Professional Edition Unboxing 10/15/12
Storytelling Behind the Scenes Trailer - Hitman: Absolution 10/10/12
Hitman: Absolution - Introducing the Art of the Kill Trailer 10/04/12
ASA rejects Hitman ad complaints 10/02/12
Hitman: Absolution - Contracts Walkthrough & Gameplay 09/28/12
The Style and Art of Hitman: Absolution 09/28/12
Community Q&A - Hitman: Absolution Interview 09/25/12
Hitman: Absolution LIVE Developer Q&A 09/24/12
Hitman Absolution Tools of the Trade Trailer 09/17/12
Hitman: Absolution - Blake Dexter Trailer 09/07/12
Hitman: Absolution - Behind the Scenes: Making of Contracts Mode 08/31/12
Start/Select - EA for sale? Hitman altered over outcry 08/17/12
Hitman Absolution altered over outcry 08/16/12
Introducing Contracts - Hitman: Absolution Gameplay Trailer 08/15/12
Hitman: Sniper Challenge competition launches in Australia 08/01/12
Hitman: Absolution - Behind the Scenes E3 2012 Video 07/18/12
Hitman: Absolution - All Access Comic-Con 2012 07/17/12
Hitman: Absolution - Undercover Assassin 07/14/12
Explosive Demo For Hitman: Absolution 07/14/12
First Steps Into Hitman: Absolution 07/14/12
Comic-Con 2012 Stage Show, Day 1 07/13/12
Hitman: Absolution - Comic-Con 2012 Stage Demo 07/12/12
Streets of Hope - Hitman: Absolution Playthrough Video 07/12/12
Saints ICA Files - Hitman Absolution Trailer 07/05/12
Meet the Talent Vivica A. Fox - Hitman Absolution 07/05/12
Square Enix has highest salary average among game companies in Japan 06/28/12
Most won't finish Hitman: Absolution, says director 06/27/12
Is It Time for Games to Get Serious? 06/25/12
Hitman: Absolution: The Accidental Assassin Visits Hope 06/11/12
Hitman: Absolution E3 2012 Stage Demo 06/07/12
Will Trial and Error Kill Hitman: Absolution? 06/01/12
Nuns, Guns, And Agent 47 - Hitman Absolution E3 Trailer 05/30/12
Sniper Challenge - Hitman: Absolution Behind-the-Scenes Video 05/25/12
Boost Your Score in Hitman: Sniper Challenge 05/17/12
Hitman Sniper Challenge: Crack All Eggs Walkthrough 05/17/12
Hitman Sniper Challenge: Wow! Walkthrough 05/17/12
Hitman Sniper Challenge: Mr. X Walkthrough 05/17/12
Hitman Sniper Challenge: No Pigeons Were Harmed Walkthrough 05/17/12
Hitman Sniper Challenge: Gnome Invasion Walkthrough 05/17/12
Hitman Sniper Challenge: Oh Mine God Walkthrough 05/17/12
Hitman Sniper Challenge: Long Live the Patriot Walkthrough 05/17/12
Hitman Sniper Challenge: It's a Trap! Walkthrough 05/17/12
Hitman Sniper Challenge: Leap of the Ninja Walkthrough 05/17/12
Hitman Sniper Challenge: Fly By Prevented Walkthrough 05/17/12
Hitman Sniper Challenge: Rub the Duck Walkthrough 05/17/12
Hitman Sniper Challenge: Elevated Walkthrough 05/17/12
Hitman Sniper Challenge: Bored Chipmunk Walkthrough 05/17/12
Sniper Challenge - Hitman: Absolution Launch Trailer 05/15/12
Shaun and Max take the Hitman: Sniper Challenge 05/15/12
Super Start/Select - Assassins Creed III! Hitman: Absolution! Dishonored! Spec Ops: The Line! 05/11/12
Hitman: Absolution Sniper Challenge Trailer 05/10/12
Hitman: Absolution targets November 20 release 05/10/12
Introducing: Agent 47 - Hitman: Absolution Gameplay Trailer 05/02/12
Powers Boothe & Shannyn Sossamon - Hitman: Absolution Video 04/26/12
Travis ICA File - Hitman: Absolution Video 04/26/12
Start/Select - PS4 rumours! Kane & Lynch influenced new Hitman? 03/29/12
Press Event - Hitman Absolution Behind-the-Scenes Video 03/01/12
Escape from Mount Stupid: 2012 02/22/12
Meet the talent behind Hitman: Absolution - Marsha Thomason Video 02/21/12
Introducing Diana Burnwood - Hitman Absolution 02/21/12
Hitman: Absolution getting prequel novel 01/24/12
Hitman: Then and Now 01/11/12
A Personal Contract - Hitman: Absolution Trailer 12/12/11
Square Enix expanding in Montreal 11/21/11
Run for Your Life - Hitman: Absolution Director's Doc. Video 11/03/11
Hitman: Absolution - Run for Your Life Gameplay Video 10/11/11
Hitman: Absolution Run for Your Life Teaser Trailer 10/10/11
Hitman: Absolution Interview With Christian Elverdam 08/21/11
Crosshairs--Hitman: Absolution, ARMA III, Aliens: Colonial Marines 08/17/11
Start/Select: Lucius! F1 2011! Hitman Absolution! 06/23/11
Hitman Absolution E3 2011 Interview 06/08/11
E3 2011: Hitman Absolution Trailer 06/08/11
E3 2011: Hitman Absolution First Look Preview 06/07/11
Hitman Absolution goes Hollywood in 2012 - Report 05/12/11
Hitman Absolution confirmed for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 05/10/11
Hitman Absolution Teaser Trailer 05/10/11
'Hitman: Absolution' trademarked by Square Enix 04/22/11
Hitman studio hit by layoffs 10/29/10
Hitman sequel gets first-time Hollywood director 05/26/10
Arkham Asylum dev attached to Hitman 5 08/11/09
Square Enix retires Eidos publishing label 07/07/09
Hitman getting another shot at the big screen - Report 06/25/09
Square Enix closes on Eidos, Final Fantasy sells 85 million 04/23/09
Eidos to be Squared by May 03/04/09
SCi raises $119M in share sale 04/25/08
Hitman devs go solo with Reto-Moto 04/11/08
SCi slashes 200 jobs, 14 games 02/29/08
Report: SCi execs in peril 01/14/08
Hitman movie scores $21M 11/26/07
Fox sends a cleaner in to handle Hitman movie? 10/12/07
SCi reveals lower revs, new Hitman, Tomb Raider 09/27/07