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Prince of Persia



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Enter 525858542 in "Skins Manager" under "Extras"."Sands of Time" Skins
Sync your Ubisoft account with your PSNAltair Costume
Beat The Game OnceJade skin from Good and Evil

Contributed By: Dark_link25, FullMetalPanic, and BreadSkin.


Epilogue Expansion DLC Trophies

Complete each condition to get the allotted Trophies. There are 7 Bronze Trophies and 3 Silver Trophies.

Reach one Ormazd's Fresco in the Epilogue.A Fresco of Light (Bronze)
Reach all Ormazd's Frescos in the Epilogue.All the Frescos (Bronze)
Kill all the soldiers of the Epilogue before they spawn.Born Dead (Silver)
Complete the puzzle with rebound in the Epilogue.Bouncing From Here to There (Bronze)
In the Epilogue, defeat the Shapeshifter with only one shape change.Change Once, Then Die (Bronze)
Elika saves you fewer than 20 times in the whole Epilogue.I Only Need a Hand or Twenty (Silver)
Complete the Epilogue.Leaving the Storm (Bronze)
Complete the Epilogue in less than 2 hours.No Time to Waste (Silver)
Defeat any enemy of the Epilogue by only starting a combo with a Deflect and Counter-Attack.The Best Offence is Good Defence (Bronze)
First use of Energize in the Epilogue.What Once was There (Bronze)

Contributed By: Guard Master.


Complete each condition to get the allotted Trophies. There are 42 Bronze Trophies, 5 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Defeat the Alchemist without using the acrobatic attack.Alchemist Special (Bronze)
Find the Assassin's view.Assassin View (Bronze)
Elika saves you fewer than 100 times in the whole game.Be Gentle with Her (Gold)
Block 50 attacks.Block Master (Bronze)
Run between the Fertile Grounds in the Tower of Ahriman and City of Light in 7 minutes.City of Light Runner (Silver)
Find the highest point in the world.Climbing to New Heights! (Bronze)
Find every combo in the game.Combo Specialist (Bronze)
Use the Compass.Compass (Bronze)
Defeat the Concubine without using grab.Concubine Special (Bronze)
Kill the Concubine in her Palace.Death of a Concubine (Bronze)
Kill the Warrior in his Fortress.Death of a Warrior King (Bronze)
Deflect 20 attacks.Deflect Master (Bronze)
Explore every part of every region.Explorer (Bronze)
Reimprison Ahriman.From Darkness... Light! (Silver)
Get to know Elika by talking to her.Getting to Know You (Bronze)
Learn about the world, and Elika's history.Good Company (Bronze)
First Healing.Heal the Land (Silver)
Deflect the Hunter's attacks 5 times in one battle.Hunter Special (Bronze)
Use the environment against an enemy.Improviser (Bronze)
500 coop jumps.In Harmony (Bronze)
Enter the Canyon.Into the Storm... (Bronze)
Collect 800 Light Seeds.Light Seeds Accumulator (Bronze)
Collect 200 Light Seeds.Light Seeds Collector (Bronze)
Collect 100 Light Seeds.Light Seeds Finder (Bronze)
Collect 700 Light Seeds.Light Seeds Gatherer (Bronze)
Collect 500 Light Seeds.Light Seeds Harvester (Bronze)
Collect 600 Light Seeds.Light Seeds Hoarder (Bronze)
Collect 400 Light Seeds.Light Seeds Locator (Bronze)
Collect 1001 Light Seeds.Light Seeds Master (Silver)
Collect 900 Light Seeds.Light Seeds Protector (Bronze)
Collect 300 Light Seeds.Light Seeds Provider (Bronze)
Unlock all trophies.Master (Platinum)
Kill the Hunter in his Lair.Now who's the Hunter? (Bronze)
Take one minute to think.Precious Time (Bronze)
Run between the Fertile Grounds in the Royal Gardens and Coronation Halls in 4 minutes.Royal Palace Runner (Silver)
Run from the Sun Temple's Fertile Ground to the Fertile Ground in Windmills in 5 minutes.Ruined Citadel Runner (Bronze)
Unlock Elika's Saving Ability.Saved (Bronze)
Final Healing.Saviour of the City of Light (Gold)
Find the lowest point in the world.Sinking to New Depths! (Bronze)
Finish the game in under 12 hours.Speed Demon (Bronze)
Kill 10 generic enemies before they spawn.Speed Kill (Bronze)
Perform 14 hits in one combo.Sword Master (Bronze)
Throw 10 Soldiers of Ahriman into pits.Throw Master (Bronze)
Find the Titanic View.Titanic View (Bronze)
The End.To be continued... (Gold)
Kill the Alchemist in his Observatory.Traitor's End (Bronze)
Win a wall mini-game in combat.Up against it (Bronze)
Run between the Fertile Grounds in the Construction Yards and Heaven's Stair in 6 minutes.Vale Runner (Bronze)
Completing the Canyon.Wallrunner (Bronze)
Dodge the Warrior's attacks 20 times in one battle.Warrior Special (Bronze)
Talk to Elika.Where's that Temple? (Bronze)

Contributed By: BreadSkin.