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GTI Club + Rally Cote D'Azur


Trophy List

Fulfill the required task to unlock the Trophies

UnlockableHow to Unlock
(Multiplayer) Pass the bomb back to a player within 5 seconds of receiving it in multiplayerBack at Ya (Bronze)
Pass the bomb to the same player 3 times in 1 game in MultiplayerBombtag Bully (Bronze)
(Single Player) Car Pack Trophies - Win 2 Medium Races with each of the new carBorn Winner (Bronze)
(Single Player) Car Pack Trophies - Complete 5 races without crashingCommon Courtesy (Bronze)
(Single Player) Win a race after crashing into all opponents at least onceDented Pride (Bronze)
(Single Player) Finish a race in the top 3 without using the brake or handbrake in single playerDon't Stop Me Now (Silver)
Customise Your CarExhibit (Bronze)
Car Pack Trophies - Win 5 races using the Peugeot 207 GTFrench Fancy (Bronze)
(Single Player) Car Pack Trophies - Win a Hard Race after finishing your 1st lap in last placeImpossible Turnaround (Silver)
Finish any race in Single PlayerL Plates (Bronze)
(Single Player) Car Pack Trophies - Win 3 Hard Races with each of the new carsLeader of the Pack (Silver)
(Single Player) Finish each lap of a race in 1st positionMe First (Bronze)
Car Pack Trophies - Win 5 races using the Mini Cooper 2007Minitastic (Bronze)
(Single Player) Car Pack Trophies - Win 2 Easy Races with each of the new carsNew Breed (Bronze)
Finish in first position less than 0.1 seconds ahead of an opponentPhoto Finish (Bronze)
(Single Player) Win a race on HardPro! (Silver)
(Single Player) Clean your car in the car wash and finish a raceRolling On Suds (Bronze)
Car Pack Trophies - Win 5 Races using the Fiat 5 AbarthScorpion Fight (Bronze)
(Single Player) Finish a Single player race whilst reversing over the finish lineShowboating (Silver)
Car Pack Trophies - Win 5 Races using the VW PoloSolo Polo (Bronze)
Complete a lap in less than 37 seconds and finish a race in Single playerSpeed Demon (Gold)
(Single Player) Car Pack Trophies - Beat the fastest time for a Hard Race in the Records.Top Dog (Silver)

Contributed By: _Genesis.

Unlockable cars

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Win easy race with Austin Mini CooperPolice Austin Mini Cooper
Win easy race with Fiat A112 AbarthPolice Fiat A112 Abarth
Win easy race with Lancia DeltaPolice Lancia Delta
Win easy race with Renault 5Police Renault 5
Win easy race with Volkswagen Golf GTIPolice Volkswagen Golf GTI
Win medium race with Austin Mini CooperTaxi Austin Mini Cooper
Win medium race with A112 AbarthTaxi Fiat A112 Abarth
Win medium race with Lancia DeltaTaxi Lancia Delta
Win medium race with Renault 5Taxi Renault 5
Win medium race with Volkswagen Golf GTITaxi Volkswagen Golf GTI
Win Hard race with any carToy Dog

Contributed By: Ghoulascor.