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Red Dead Redemption


Get Early Access to West Elizabeth

Look for a cliff near the waterfall north of MacFarlane ranch, it will say "Tall Trees" when you get to the edge. Get arrested here, and you will be transported to Blackwater. To get back to New Austin, Auto-Save the game and then die. However if you buy the Manzanita Post property, you'll have to use your horse to jump the unfinished bridge north of Thieves Landing to return.

Contributed By: imadeaguide.

Homing Fire Bottles (Pre-Patch)

No pre-prep is needed for this glitch as it works everytime, as this was overlooked by the developers in Rockstar. When equipped with the fire bottle, you are still allowed to go into dead eye. Although the aiming reticule will be gone, it is still "present" during dead eye mode, in the middle of the screen. Therefore, you can still "paint" a cross on your enemies, assuming if you have the reticule on any part of their body. Once marked, Marston will throw the fire bottle. When thrown, the fire bottle defies gravity and actually locks onto the enemy you selected and acts like a flaming homing missile. This is great for people speeding away on horses/carts. The bottle will keep flying until it hits the target and explodes in a fireball.

Contributed By: TommyGuner.


Ambient Challenges

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Master Hunter Rank 5Buffalo Rifle
Complete Sharpshooter Rank 10Dead-Eye Refills Faster
Complete Treasure Hunter Rank 10Double Consumables Capacity
Complete Survivalist Rank 5Double Survivalist Map Duration
Complete Treasure Hunter Rank 5Free Stagecoaches
Complete Master Hunter Rank 10Increased Dead-Eye
Complete Sharpshooter Rank 5Increased Dead-Eye
Complete Rank 10 in all Ambient ChallengesIncreased Dead-Eye
Complete Survivalist Rank 10Recieve Tonic When Harvesting Herbs

Contributed By: carverx19.

PlayStation Home Avatar Items

These items can be unlocked for use with your avatar in PlayStation Home by completing the specified tasks.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the Rockstar Games Social Club "Skin It To Win It" challenge.Gentleman's Attire
Complete the Rockstar Games Social Club "Skin It To Win It" challenge.Lady's Finest
Unlocked when the multiplayer community reaches an unspecified amount of money in The Strike It Rich! Rockstar Challenge.Posse T-Shirt
Open a chest northwest of Riley's Charge in a burnt down building.Red Dead Redemption Logo T-Shirt
Open a chest upstairs in the attic at the Marston Farm house at Beecher's Hope.Rockstar Logo T-Shirt
Shoot the hat off of an enemy on expert aim mode.Sombrero

Contributed By: hatredcopter.