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BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger


Fight Unlimited Ragna in Arcade Mode

This may be done on any difficulty mode and have any number of rounds set per fight. Do not lose any rounds and have a total of 10 distortion finishes after the 10th fight. Unlimited Ragna will appear as the 11th fight. Regardless if you win or lose, the main result is the same: there is no character specific ending and different credits music will play. However, if you win, this is the easier way of obtaining the Welcome to the Azure Nightmare trophy as compared to Score Attack mode.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Do not lose any rounds and have at least 10 distortion finishes. Unlimited Ragna will appear as the bonus 11th fight.Fight Unlimited Ragna in Arcade Mode

Contributed By: ziltama.

Secret JP Audio Interview

You can unlock a secret Audio track in Gallery mode for each character. Simply 100% any characters story mode and you will get a prompt that the track was unlocked in the gallery.

Contributed By: TheKiller7.

True End

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Individually clear each character's story mode.True End

Contributed By: N0thin89.

Unlimited Characters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Hakumen's Arcade ModeUnlimited Hakumen
Beat Rachel's Arcade ModeUnlimited Rachel
Beat Ragna's Arcade ModeUnlimited Ragna
Beat v-13's Arcade ModeUnlimited v-13

Contributed By: WRRYYYYers alt and Demonrugal.

Unlock Astral Heat

Some characters start with their Astral Heat (finisher), but every other character needs to unlock theirs. Beat their Arcade Mode and they'll get their own.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Arcade Mode with the fighter you want it for.Astral Heat

Contributed By: Spark0.



[Ranked Match] Fought over 100 battles.100 Trials
[Ranked Match] Fought over 200 battles.200 Trials
Completed a 60+ hit combo using Nu.Activate Termination Protocol
Used Rapid Cancel over 100 times.Animation Conservation
Fought against Bang as Bang, and both activated the Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan.Bangarang!
[Ranked Match] Played first Ranked Match.Be Gentle... It's My First Time.
Had a perfect match using Arakune.Beautiful Arakune
Exceed a total playtime of 25 hours.Carpal Tunnel
Threw a Kaka kitten using Taokaka's Kitty Litter Special!.Cat-a-pult
[ARCADE] Beat Arcade mode on HELL difficulty.Dante
Used Distortion Drive over 100 times.Designated Driver
Used Ragna's Gauntlet Hades over 100 times.Devil's Advocate
Use an Astral Finish with every character.Discouraging Finish!
[STORY] Saw the True Ending.Duh Dun DUNNN!
Successfully escaped 50 throws.Greased Pig
[GALLERY] Collected over 50 illustrations.Hands Where I Can See Them
In one match, successfully pulled off Thirteen Orphans, The Great Wheel, and All Green.Hat-Trick
[STORY] Watched the opening.Hello World!
[ARCADE / SCORE ATTACK] Defeated Hakumen.I Am the Just Sword
As Carl, decommissioned Nirvana three times in one round.I Can Rebuild Her...
[REPLAY THEATER] Collected over five replays, other than your own.I Like to Watch
[Ranked / Player Match] Get First Strike five times in a row.I'm faster than anybody!
Used all the color palettes of a single character.In Living Color
Hit the opponent with Tager's Spark Bolt more than six times in one round.Irresistible
Performed your first Astral Heat.It's Go Time
Dealt over 10,000 damage using Hakumen, without the use of an Astral Heat.It's over 10,000!
Performed a 20 hit combo after the round is over.It's the Only Way to Be Sure
Reached Lv.10.Legionnaire
[SCORE ATTACK] Beat Score Attack mode.Leonidas
[ARCADE / SCORE ATTACK] Defeated Nu.Murakumo Activated...
Earned a Perfect victory 30 times.Nothing's Gonna Keep You Down
Conquered the world of BlazBlue.Power of the Azure
Reached Lv.30.Praetorian Guardsman
Used Barrier Burst over 30 times.Restraining Order
Used Musou Senshouzan or Tosshougeki over 20 times in one round, and finished the opponent off.Ride the Icening
[Ranked / Player Match] Fought against all characters.Ruler of Kagutsuchi
Stayed afloat for over 25 seconds with Rachel.Spoonful of Sugar
Used Counter Assault 30 times.Stop Hitting Yourself
[Ranked Match] Won first victory in a Ranked Match.That Was Incredible!
Performed an instant block 300 times.Their Numbers Count for Nothing
Heard Noel say, Hands off the panda! over 100 times.This Is Important...
Caused a Double Down to occur.This Just Got Real
[ARCADE / SCORE ATTACK] Defeated Unlimited Rachel.Victory Is an Illusion
[Player Match] Witnessed over 20 battles.Voyeur
[Player Match] Played first Player Match.Wanderer
[Player Match] Fought a total of 150 battles.Warrior
[ARCADE / SCORE ATTACK] Defeated Unlimited Ragna, and obtained the power of darkness.Welcome to the Azure Nightmare
Let your opponent get a 5,000 hit-point lead on you, then taunt you.Words Hurt Too
[Ranked Match] Three consecutive wins in Ranked Matches.You Brute!
Performed your first Barrier Crush.You Never Forget Your First
[TRAINING] Dished out a total of over 1,000,000 damage.You're the Best! Around!

Contributed By: KeyBlade999.