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NBA Live 10


Shoe codes

Just enter the code under the My NBA Live 10 Extras/Codes screen. *Important case sensitive!*

nishrag1rosmad0Hornets Mardi Gras Jersey
iaporcdian3ejisJordan CP3 III
emlarmeoo6ajdsnJordan Melo M6
aondsuilyjrspxtJordan Sixty Plus
ivl5brieekaeonnNike Air Max LeBron VII
n6ieirvalkeeobnNike Air Max LeBron VII
ri4boenanekilveNike Air Max LeBron VII
3rioabeneikenvlNike Air Max LeBron VII
2ovnaebnkrieleiNike Air Max LeBron VII
ere1nbvlaoekniiNike Air Max LeBron VII
aoieuchrahelgnNike Huarache Legion
kk2tesaosepinrdNike KD 2
epfnozaeminolkiNike Zoom Flip
bmo4inozeeo0kvkNike Zoom Kobe V
eev0nbimokk3ozoNike Zoom Kobe V
m0kveokoiebozn2Nike Zoom Kobe V
ovze1bimenkoko0Nike Zoom Kobe V

Contributed By: JJW20084.


Unlock several secondary road jerseys

Just enter the code under the my NBA LIve 10 extras/codes screen. *important* case sensitive!

hdogdrawhoticns2nd set of Secondary Jerseys for Cleveland, Golden State, Minnesota, Orlando, Philadelphia, Portland, Toronto, Utah, and Washington
ceobdabacarstcyBobcats NASCAR Race Day Jersey
Ndnba1rooaesdc0Mavericks, Rockets, Grizzlies, Hawks secondary road jerseys

Contributed By: todd_10 and JJW20084.



Complete each requirement to receive the Trophies. There are 12 Bronze Trophies, 14 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Hit six 3 pointers with a single player in a solo game1992 Game 1 (Bronze)
Score 55 points in New York with Kobe Bryant agains the Knicks in a single solo game55 in NYC (Silver)
Be the points leader in an adidas LIVE run matchAdidas LIVE Run MVP (Silver)
Play and win an Adidas Live run MatchAdidas LIVE Run Victory (Bronze)
Get 3 blocks with Dwight Howard in a single game solo gameAdidas Triple Block (Silver)
Make the front end of an And 1 in a solo gameAnd 1 (Bronze)
Get 10 steals against the Wizards with Brandon Roy in a single solo gameBroy 1/24/09 (Silver)
Get 27 rebounds in Chicago with Marcus Camby in a single solo gameCamby 12/17/08 (Silver)
Win the championship in Dynasty ModeChampion (Silver)
Download another users locker fileCheck It Out (Bronze)
Get a solo dunk for the first time in a single solo gameCome Fly With Me (Bronze)
Hit Six 3 Pointers with Dwyane Wade In a single solo gameConnect with D-Wade (Silver)
Get 10 blocks in Oklahoma City with Dwight Howard in a single solo gameD12 11/12/08 (Silver)
Defeat the lakers with the Kings on superstar difficulty in a solo game vs. the CPUDavid and Goliath (Bronze)
Score 55 Points against the Knicks with Dwyane Wade in a single solo gameFlash 4/12/09 (Silver)
Get an assist using a freestyle pass in a solo gameFreestyle Pass (Bronze)
Score a 3 point shot for the first time in a single solo gameFrom Downtown Rookie (Bronze)
Hit a buzzer beater wih Dwyane Wade in double over time in a single solo gameGame Over In A Flash (Silver)
Create a highlight using the NBA LIVE Highlight Reel feature and upload it to EASWHighlight Maker (Bronze)
Win a solo game in overtime vs. the cpuIce Water (Silver)
Score 50 points with Lebron James against the New Jersey Nets in a single solo gameKing James Loves New Jersey (Silver)
Score 81 points vs. the raptors in a single solo gameKobe's 81 (Gold)
Win a single game wearing any St Patrick's day Jersey in a single solo gameLuck of the Irish (Bronze)
Get your first triple double in a single solo gameMagical (Silver)
Win 3 Ranked Matches in a row.Online Win Streak (Silver)
100% NBA LIVE 10 TrophiesPlatinum (Platinum)
Share a locker fileSharezees (Bronze)
Get 10 solo dunks in a single solo gameSprite's Dynamic 10 (Silver)
Score 100 points in a single solo game with a single playerStilt 100 (Gold)
Play 15 ranked matches onlineThe Grinder (Gold)
Score 5 shots off the backboard with a single player in a single solo gameTimmy D (Bronze)
Score 55 points in Minnesota with Tony Parker in a single solo gameTP 11/05/08 (Silver)

Contributed By: Guard Master and nightowl80.