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Namco Museum Essentials


Dig Dug Unlockables

Complete these to unlock stamps, trophies, and Home items for the Dig Dug game.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Grab the CarrotCarrot
Successfully dig the whole entire levelComplete Dig
Grab the CucumberCucumber
Grab the EggplantEggplant
Grab the Green PepperGreen Pepper
Grab the MushroomMushroom
Complete the level without diggingNo Dig
Grab the PineapplePineapple
Successfully squash 4 enemies with one rockQuad Squash
Grab the TomatoTomato
Grab the TurnipTurnip
Grab the WatermelonWatermelon

Contributed By: FullMetal_Ninja.

Dragon Spirit Unlockables

Complete these to unlock stamps, trophies, and Home items for the Dragon Spirit game.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect the Earthquake power-upEarthquake
Successfully survive against a boss under a timed limit without killing himEndurance
Collect the Fire Breath power-upFire Breath
Collect the Homing Fire power-upHoming Fire
Collect the Incubation power-upIncubation
Successfully get 3 heads and 6 fire power orbs without getting hitMaximum
Get to the Jungle AreaOver The Jungle
Collect the Power Down power-upPower Down
Collect the Power Wing power-upPower Wing
Collect the Small Dragon power-upSmall Dragon
Collect the Small Dragon, followed by Wide Fire without getting hitSmall N Wide
Collect the Wide Fire power-upWide Fire

Contributed By: FullMetal_Ninja.

Galaga Unlockables

Complete these to unlock stamps, trophies, and Home items in the Galaga game.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Destroy the Blue SpaceshipBlue Spaceship
Destroy the Boss AlienBoss Alien
Successfully destroy your captured shipDestroy Fighter
Destroy the DragonflyDragonfly
Successfully destroy the enemy holding your ship captiveDual Fighter
Destroy the MapleMaple
Win a perfect game in the Challenging StagePerfect
Destroy the ScorpionScorpion
Reach Stage 10Stage 10
Reach Stage 20Stage 20
Reach Stage 30Stage 30
Destroy the StingrayStingray

Contributed By: FullMetal_Ninja.

Pac-Man Stamps

Complete these objectives to get earn stamps to unlock Trophies or Home Items.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Eat all the ghost after eating a SINGLE Power Pellet!1600
Do the above task twice in one round!1600X2
Eat the Apple that appears in Round 5 or 6!Apple
Eat the Bell that appears in Round 11 or 12!Bell
Beat Round 21!Big Eater
Eat the Cherry that appears in Round 1!Cherry
Eat the Galboss that appears in Round 9 or 10!Galboss
Beat Round 5!Intermediate
Eat the Key that appears after Round 13!Key
Eat the Melon that appears in Round 7 or 8!Melon
Eat the Orange that appears in Round 3 or 4!Orange
Eat the Strawberry that appears in Round 2!Strawberry

Contributed By: hmecey.

Xevious Resurrection Unlockables

Complete these to unlock stamps, trophies, and Home items for the Xevious Resurrection game.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collected 100 shield items100 Items
Successfully destroy 4 ground enemies with one bomb4 At Once
Destroyed the Final BossAll Clear
Destroyed the Level 12 BossBoss 12 Clear
Destroyed the Level 9 BossBoss 9 Clear
Successfully shot or bombed all enemiesEnemy Collector
Play Xevious Resurrection 50 timesFree Play
Used your shields against lasers 100 timesLaser Cancel 100
Successfully clear a level without using your shieldsNo Shield Clear
Successfully clear a level without shooting and bombingNo Weapon Clear
Successfully found the hidden Sol CitadelSol Discovered
Successfully found the hidden SP FlagSP Flag Found

Contributed By: FullMetal_Ninja.

Xevious Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Destroy 500 air enemies in a single playthrough.Ace Pilot
See Andor Genesis at end of Area 4.Andor Genesis
Reach area 16.Area 16
Reach area 4.Area 4
Reach area 8.Area 8
Destroy an enemy while another one is behind your ship.Backfire
Destroy 100 ground enemies in a single playthrough.Blaster Master
Destroy one of the tanks that moves when shot at.Destroy Grobda
Destroy every part of the Andor Genesis before defeating it.Full Destruction
See Sheonite at the end of Area 9.Sheonite
Find a Sol Citadel.Sol Citadel
Find a special flag.Special Flag

Contributed By: ShinAkuma777.



Complete each requirement to get the specified Trophy. There are 5 Bronze Trophies, 5 Silver Trophies and 1 Gold Trophy.

Obtained four Dig Dug stamps!Dig Dug Rookie (Bronze)
Obtained all Dig Dug stamps!Dig Dug Veteran (Silver)
Obtained four Dragon Spirit stamps!Dragon Spirit Rookie (Bronze)
Obtained all Dragon Spirit stamps!Dragon Spirit Veteran (Silver)
Obtained four Galaga stamps!Galaga Rookie (Bronze)
Obtained all Galaga stamps!Galaga Veteran (Silver)
Obtained four Pac-Man stamps!Pac-Man Rookie (Bronze)
Obtained all Pac-Man stamps!Pac-Man Veteran (Silver)
Obtained all Xevious Resurrection stamps!Xevious Resurrection Veteran (Gold)
Obtained four Xevious stamps!Xevious Rookie (Bronze)
Obtained all Xevious stamps!Xevious Veteran (Silver)

Contributed By: Mookiethebold.

Dig Dug Cheats


Make every enemy dissapear!

This glitch will make all enemies dissapear in the current level, but the level will not end. This let's you to get as many points as you want from eating all the dirt! 1) Get the game down to two Pookas. If you only leave one, it will escape thus ending the round. 2) This works best in horizontal tunnels under the rocks. 3) Get a Pooka to follow you, inflate as necessary to delay him a little. 4) Right when you are next to the rock, inflate the Pooka once to just delay him. When he moves at your character again, move under the rock. 5) Quickly turn around and start pumping the Pooka up. Using the delay of the rock dropping, you should be able to cause the Pooka to burst at the same time the rock drops on him. 6) If you are successful, then the other Pooka will disappear and you can amuse yourself digging out tunnels all day long in the dirt. NOTE: To return the game back to normal, drop another rock and you will go into the next round.

Contributed By: Apalapan.

Easter Eggs

Hidden message

In service mode, keep down the fire button and press Up six times, Right three times, Down four times, and Left eight times to see a hidden message

Contributed By: BinaryHedgehog.

Galaga Cheats

Stop Enemies from Firing

On most revisions of Galaga, there's a trick that stops enemies from firing at your ship. In Stage 1, kill all aliens except the two bees in the bottom-left corner. Allow the bees to dive down and shoot at you, while dodging their shots. After around 15 minutes or so, the bees will continue to drop down, but they won't fire. Let them drop down another 5 or 6 times, then kill them. After all this, enemies will not shoot at you for the rest of the game.

Contributed By: Colin.


Double Ships

Wait until one of the top ships(the green ones that take two shots to kill) comes down and fires off a tractor beam(the beam that can capture your ship). Let it capture your ship. Now, wait until it swoops down again with your ship behind it. Simply kill the head ship(the green one), and it will lose your ship. Your ship will then lock on to the side of your current ship, giving you two ships to play with at the same time! Now, be careful. Not only will both ships be firing at you after your ship gets captured, but if you accidently shoot your captured ship, you'll destroy it. Also note, this will cost you one life, but will definately make the Challenging Stages, and perhaps the game itself, a little easier to play.

Note: This works in all non-bootleg/hack versions of Galaga, as well as most of the sequels and Arranged Mode in Namco Classic Collection Vol. 1.

Contributed By: JosephLithius.

Pac-Man Cheats

Easter Eggs

Hidden message

Enter service mode, then quickly turn it off and on once so that an alignment grid appears on the screen, hold down both start buttons and toggle service mode on and off quickly again so that grid remains on the screen. Next move the stick up, left, down, and right four times each to make a hidden message appear onscreen.

Contributed By: BinaryHedgehog.


Pac Man's parking space

At the beginning of every level/life, Pac-Man is just underneath a T-shape. The right-hand corner of that T is a parking space. If the ghosts aren't chasing you closely, you can pull into that space and the ghost will not find you. You can leave it sit for hours and they won't find you. It gives you a chance to grab a sandwich, take a bathroom break, etc.

Contributed By: Smaggy.

Xevious Cheats

Easter Eggs

Hidden message

There's a hidden developer message in the game. When you start the game, go to left side of the screen and drop bombs repeatedly, you will see a message appear and gain 10 points.

Contributed By: BinaryHedgehog.