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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game


Bonus Level

In Score Ranking in Pause Menu on Overworld.

L1, L1, L1, R1, R1, R1, L1, R1Sound Check Level

Contributed By: ShadowStudent.


Enter at the title screen

Down R1 Up L1 Triangle CircleAllow two players to select the same character
Square, Square, Square, X, Circle, TriangleBegin level with Power of Love (sword from 7-2)
Right, Right, Circle, R1, Right, Right, Circle, R1Boss Rush
Up, Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up, UpChanges coin sprites into animal sprites
X, Circle, X, Square, X, Circle CircleEnables Blood Mode
XOXO(Square)XOOHearts Appear when hitting Opponent
While HOLDing L2+R2 Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right O XSacrifice Life for $50
Down, Up, Right, Down, Up, Right, Down, Up, Right, Right, RightUnlock Zombie Mode

Contributed By: GoldenChocobo77, TheRazgrizDemon, BeRizzle, FlamingBuddha, ReXXXSoprano, kyo_umerio, and JackyLordofSith.


Get Infinite Money

First, you'll need 2+ PS3 remotes to do this. Start up a Multi-player Story mode game. Log into Player 1 with your PS3's account name. Have additional players log into the game as a Guest. Now as player 1 pick the character who you want to give the money to and have the "guest" players log into the character with the most money on hand. Get to a shop and have the "guest" players lend all of their money over to player 1. Exit the map to save data, then Exit the Game. Repeat. Game only saves data for your character and not the guest characters playing, so all the money that was on the character for player 1 is saved when transferred while the money in "guest" players where not decreased.

Contributed By: ErgheizZero.

Skip Snowy Toronto

In the Snowy Toronto stage, fight your way to Hillcrest Park. Without killing the last enemy before you're allowed to move on, move over to the middle of the right side of the screen and hold up and right. You'll see your character slowly start to move off screen, after which you can dash blindly through the level with none of the enemies loaded. After the screen dips down and back up, hold up and right to make sure you enter the Subspace door at the end of the level. This is a great way to earn the Invulnerable trophy with very little effort.

Contributed By: Stilleas.



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game using Kim, Stills, Ramona, and ScottNega-Scott
Occasionally after a stage, you will see Mr Chau on a random stage, go to that stage and you will fight him. Beat him and you will unlock him.Unlock Mr. Chau as an assist

Contributed By: Ltspacemonkey and vessey632.

Area/Level Hints

Mobile's Secret House

In level 6, after you get the key and fight a few of the wolverines, you should see a little house in the background with a path leading to it. The path doesn't take you to the house, but keep walking along the top of the screen and you'll eventually enter a secret path. Mobile's food list is good, and he has a special training manual (for $57.50) that unlocks a special move.

Contributed By: RealityState.

Secret Shop

In the first level shortly after the shopping district (when you enter the underground car tunnel) there will be a star on the wall near where the cars drive by, go up into that star and a hidden doorway will open leaving you with some of the best items in the game to purchase

Contributed By: selfsufficient.

Unlock No Account Video Store at the Shopping District

It may seem like Scott has built up a hefty late fee of $504.25, But pay off his debts you are rewarded with some fantastic items, all for the low price of $4.95
The Mystical Head- a 1up (a player can have a max of 9 at one time)
Seven Shaolin Masters- XP:+100 DEF:+10 SPD:+10 WP:+10 STR:+10
Aliens Vs T-Rex- STR:+20
Alone and Disturbed- XP:+1500
I Love your Boyfriend- XP: +320 DEF:+15 WP:+15

Contributed By: modestlaw.