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Call of Duty Classic



Complete each requirement to receive the Trophies. There are 26 Bronze Trophies, 6 Silver Trophies, 5 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Complete a mission without taking any damageBulletproof (Gold)
Complete Training, Camp TaccoaCherry (Bronze)
Complete Volga River, Stalingrad (Day)Cold Day in Russia (Bronze)
Complete Battleship Tirpitz (Night)Dam the Tallboys (Bronze)
Complete Eder Dam, GermanyDambusters (Bronze)
Complete Trainstation (Day)Death Tracks (Bronze)
Unlock all the other trophiesDutiful Soldier (Platinum)
Complete Strasshoff, GermanyExfil (Bronze)
Complete St. Mere Eglise - Pathfinder 1First In - Last Out (Bronze)
Finish BerlinFlag over Reichstag (Bronze)
Complete Oder River Town (Day)Glorious Liberation (Bronze)
Complete a mission using only melee attacksGolden Club (Gold)
Get kills using a pistol, rifle, submachine gun, and grenade in a mission without dyingGunslinger (Gold)
Complete the game on Hardened difficultyHard Charger (Gold)
Complete Bavarian Alps, GermanyHigh Hopes (Bronze)
Complete St. Mere Eglise - Pathfinder 2Hot LZ (Bronze)
Complete St. Mere Eglise, France (Day)Longest Day (Bronze)
Complete Truck Ride to AirfieldLorry Escape (Bronze)
Complete Red Square, Stalingrad (Day)Meat Grinder (Bronze)
Complete the American MissionsOld Glory (Silver)
Complete Normandy, Route N13Operation Overlord (Bronze)
Complete a mission using only a pistol and no melee attacks.Pea Shooter (Silver)
Complete Benouville, France (Day)Pegasus (Bronze)
Complete Pavlov's House (Day)Ring the Tank (Bronze)
Finish RocketRocket's Red Glare (Bronze)
Complete Stalingrad Sewers (Day)Sewer Rats (Bronze)
Complete Oder River Country (Day)Steel on Target (Bronze)
Complete a mission without dying or loading a checkpoint.Survivor (Silver)
Finish HurtgenTank Breaker (Bronze)
Complete Warsaw Railyards (Day)The People's Battle (Bronze)
Complete Benouville, France (Night)The Recce (Bronze)
Complete Warsaw, Factory (Day)The Worker's War (Bronze)
Complete the British MissionsUnion Jack (Silver)
Complete the game on Regular difficultyVeteran (Silver)
Complete the Russian MissionsVictory Banner (Silver)
Complete the game on Veteran difficultyWar Hero (Gold)
Complete Airfield Escape (Day)Wheels Up (Bronze)
Complete Brecourt Manor, France (Day)Winters Hero (Bronze)

Contributed By: Guard Master.