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Call of Duty Classic

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West, Zampella, Gibeau talk Respawn-ing 04/12/10
Ex-Infinity Ward heads, EA announce deal 04/12/10
Call of Duty Classic - Flakpanzer Gameplay Movie 03/19/10
Call of Duty Classic - End of Mission Briefing Gameplay Movie 03/19/10
Call of Duty Classic - Clearing Blocks Gameplay Movie 03/19/10
New Call of Duty biz unit unveiled, Sledgehammer COD confirmed, Asian MMOG spin-off planned 03/02/10
Top Infinity Ward devs fired for 'insubordination,' lawsuits 'expected' 03/02/10
Call of Duty Classic, Crackdown hit XBL Marketplace 12/01/09
Call of Duty franchise sales top $3 billion 11/30/09
'Call of Duty' trademarked for films 10/05/09
Guitar Hero TV show, Call of Duty movie under consideration - Report 05/08/09
Q&A: Morhaime on Activision-Blizzard union 12/02/07
Vivendi merges with Activision in $18.9B deal 12/02/07
Activision unscrews Valve 10/12/06
Hands-On Mobile finds top exec 07/26/06
Call of Duty gets the Deluxe treatment 04/05/05
Call of Duty returning to consoles this fall 03/04/05
Atari ignites next-gen Spark 03/04/05
Call of Duty reenlisting for PCs, consoles 02/07/05
NPD full-year PC tally nets hat trick for Activision 01/24/05
N-Gage answers the Call of Duty 11/23/04
Call of Duty Review: 6.6 / 10 11/19/04
Call of Duty Hands-On Impressions 10/13/04
United Offensive demo launched 09/16/04
Call of Duty: United Offensive Gameplay Movie 23 09/14/04
Call of Duty: United Offensive Video Review 09/14/04
Call of Duty: United Offensive Review: 8.9 / 10 09/14/04
Call of Duty: United Offensive ships 09/14/04
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Call of Duty: United Offensive sees gold 09/01/04
Call of Duty: United Offensive Multiplayer Hands-On Impressions 08/17/04
Call of Duty: United Offensive Impressions - Single-player and Multiplayer Details 07/27/04
Activision reports record sales 07/21/04
Global Gaming League kicks off 2004 tournament 06/24/04
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Stan Lee helping Activision activate its E3 roster 05/10/04
Call of Duty: United Offensive E3 2004 Preshow Impressions 05/04/04
New Call of Duty MP map and update available 04/21/04
Call of Duty announced for N-Gage 04/14/04
First Look: Call of Duty: United Offensive 04/09/04
Activision readying Call of Duty GOTY edition, action figures 04/06/04
United Offensive for Call of Duty 03/25/04
Call of Duty patch coming 03/15/04
Call of Duty calling on mapmakers 02/17/04
New Call of Duty multiplayer mode 01/30/04
Weekly NPD PC game sales chart: January 4-10 01/22/04
NPD PC game sales: December 21-27 and December 28-January 3 01/14/04
Call of Duty Review: 8 / 10 01/01/04
Nvidia launches Call of Duty bundle 12/15/03
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Call of Duty Review: 9 / 10 10/29/03
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Call of Duty and True Crime mobile-izing 10/20/03
Call of Duty giveaway gets underway 10/14/03
Call of Duty to ship out early 09/29/03
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Call of Duty multiplayer details 09/11/03
Call of Duty demo released 08/29/03
Activision reverses Call of Duty demo deal 08/29/03
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Call of Duty Gameplay Movie 8 08/22/03
Call of Duty Updated Hands-On Impressions 08/14/03
Michael Giacchino to score Call of Duty franchise 08/12/03
Hollywood talent enlisted for Call of Duty 08/08/03
Activision's QuakeCon lineup 08/07/03
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