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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II


Cheat Codes

Pause the game, go to Options then to Cheat Codes and input the following code(s):

TRAYA'Sabre Throw' move unlocked
VentressDark Apprentice costume
MarekForce Repulse
MANDALOREPlay As Bobba Fett
GUNRAYunlock neimodian outfit
TK421Unlock Stormtrooper Costume
SHADOWUnlock Terror Trooper costume
SOLARIUnlock White Lightsaber Crystal "Wisdom"
NOMIUnlocks Experimental Jedi Armor costume
rahmunlocks General Kota costume
LIBOUnlocks Healing (Dark Green) lightsaber crystal
YARAELUnlocks Jedi Mindtrick
AJP400Unlocks Jump Trooper costume
SPECFORCEUnlocks Rebel Commando costume
rebelscumunlocks Rebel Trooper costume
MORGUKAIUnlocks Saber Guard costume
HARPERUnlocks Scout Trooper costume
HOLODROIDUnlocks Sith Training Droid costume
HAAZENUnlocks the Sith Acolyte Costume

Contributed By: Kiant, caelien, o_cypher_1, Kaizoku_Lodai, DARTHCAIUS, brovers, cs475x, Goldenbane, D3vi1d0gg, and Seanbtwo.



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game with "Light Side" EndingExperimental Jedi Costume
Silver Medal in Cloning Spire TrialSaber Guard Costume
Beat the game with "Dark Side" EndingThe Dark Apprentice's Robes
Complete "Kamino The Escape"Tie Flightsuit

Contributed By: jojojak.

Extra Costumes

Have a Star Wars Force Unleashed Save File to get the Training Gear, Ceremonial Robes, and Sith Stalker Armor

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Star Wars Force Unleashed Save FileCeremonial Robes
Star Wars Force Unleashed Save FileSith Stalker
Star Wars Force Unleashed Save FileTraining Gear

Contributed By: Shadow Reaver.

Easter Eggs

Guybrush Threepkiller Costume

Once on CATO NEIMOIDIA (The Eastern Arch) you will eventually reach "The Infinite Nebstar Casino", at the end of this area you will reach a room full of fog and frozen "Neimoidians". Here you will fight Imperial forces that include two "Carbonite War Droids", one of these will seal the room's exit with "Carbonite". Once defeated clear the exit and continue down the hallway and you will find at the end a "Jabba the Hut" hologram with three slot machines in front it and some Guybrush Threepwood statues around, one of them pointing to the slot machines. Destroy these machines and watch as a new Holocron appears where the machines were. This holocron will unlock the "Guybrush Threepkiller" costume which is based on Guybrush Ulysses Threepwood, the main character of the Monkey Island series games by LucasArts, and Starkiller's Training Gear from the first SW:TFU game. Please note that this Holocron is not needed for the "Holocron Hunter" Trophy.

Contributed By: Neophenom.