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Anarchy: Rush Hour



Complete a requirement to receive a Trophy.

Buy 10 cars.10 cars
Drive a total of 1000 kilometers.1000 kilometers
Hit 1000 objects (not traffic).1000 objects
Hit 1000 traffic cars.1000 traffic cars
Reach the 250 km/h speed limit in a Top speed race.250 km/h speed limit
Boost to 999 km/h.999 km/h
Buy a new car.Buy a car
Buy an adrenalin device.Buy a device
Buy all possible cars.Buy all cars
Win the Professional's Triple race.Championship
Win a Checkpoints race.Checkpoints
Win a Circuit race (either in singleplayer, multiplayer or splitscreen).Circuit race
Crash your own car.Crash
Win a Deathmatch (either in singleplayer, multiplayer or splitscreen).Deathmatch
Destroy your opponent's car.Destroy your opponent
Escape pursuit, don`t let them arrest you!Escape the pursuit
Find Gaika.Find Gaika
Finish a multiplayer race in any position.Finish a multiplayer race
Finish at least one race at each location in the game.Finish at least one race at each location
Fit accessories to your car.Fit accessories
Visit garage for the first time.Garage
Hijack a cool car, avoiding the police.Hijack a car
Finish the race with a new boosting device.Improved boost
Win a Knockout race.Knockout
Crash into a monorail train.Monorail train
Paint your car.Paint your car
Perform a barrel roll in the air.Perform a barrel roll
Awarded for successfully collecting all trophies from Anarchy: Rush Hour.Platinum
Win a Drag race against racers from "The Forsage" club.Professional drag
Reach maximum level with all adrenalin devices.Reach maximum level with all adrenalin devices
Jump from the rocket momument.Rocket jump
Finish a race in splitscreen mode.Splitscreen race
Win a Sprint.Sprint
Perform all Style moves.Stuntman
Win a Stunts race.Stunts
Get a tip about Gaika from 'The Forsage'.Tip from 'The Forsage'
Get a tip about Gaika from 'The Furious'.Tip from 'The Furious'
Get a tip about Gaika from 'The Jokers'.Tip from 'The Jokers'
Win a Top speed race.Top speed
Get the car to the garage in time.Transport the car
Win the last race against Arcady.Tropics
Use each adrenalin device at least once.Use all adrenalin devices
Win 5 times in each multiplayer mode.Win 5 times in each multiplayer mode
Win a race under police pursuit without getting arrested.Win a race under police pursuit
Win a side race.Win a side race
Win a Spinning competition.Win a Spinning race

Contributed By: Guard Master, Mookiethebold, and chibikindaguy2.