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Michael Jackson The Experience



There are 15 Bronze Trophies, 7 Silver Trophies, 6 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

29 different dances (one dancer)360 Airwalk
Post 10 photos on your Facebook profileBackPack
Sing: Obtain 5 stars on 5 different Medium songsButterfly
Your first song (two singers)Church Hop
10 different songs (one singer)Click-Click Chest
20 different dances (one dancer)Cross With Scoot
Your first song (one singer)Dice
While singing, obtain at least 'OK' on every lineFunky Rocks
20 different dances (at least 2 dancers)Gallup
Dance: Obtain 5 stars on 5 different Easy songsHeel Groove
10 different dances (one dancer)Hop Walk
Dance: Obtain 5 stars on 5 different Medium SongsHot Feet
Achieve all gold moves on 5 different songsJackson Walk
20 different songs (one singer)Kick Freeze and Repeat
Your first dance (at least two dancers)Leg Kick
29 different songs (two singers)Lock and Pop
20 different songs (two singers)Military March
Save 10 videosMonster Breakdown
Save 10 photosMonster Poses
Obtain all trophies from the game!Moonwalk
Sing: Obtain 5 stars on 4 different Hard songsNever-Ending Spin
Sing: Obtain 5 stars on 5 different Easy songsRobot
Reach every gold note on 5 different songsRock and Pop
10 different songs (two singers)Shuffle
29 different songs (one singer)Side Glide
10 different dances (at least 2 dancers)Step-Shuffle-Pow
Your first dance (one dancer)T-Rex
Dance: Obtain 5 stars on 5 different Hard songsToe Stand
29 different dances (at least 2 dancers)Zero Gravity Lean

Contributed By: Guard Master.