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Killzone: Shadow Fall - Intercept

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PS4 Games Hit PS Now Today, Starting With These 20 Titles 07/06/17
PS4 Pro's Boost Mode Analyzed In Assassin's Creed, Bloodborne, Batman: Arkham Knight, More 02/13/17
Killzone Dev Talks About Leaving Franchise Behind for "Radically Different" Horizon 09/19/16
More Killzone Games Could Happen, Director Says 09/06/16
Top-Selling PS4, PS3, and PS Vita Games on PSN in May 2016 Revealed 06/06/16
"It's Too Early" to Say What's Next for Killzone, Dev Says 09/08/15
Ahead of E3, Killzone Dev Releases Teaser Image and Joins Twitter 06/12/15
GS News - Get Witcher 3 Free with Nvidia; DRM-Free Platform GOG Galaxy Coming! 05/05/15
PS4 1080p Graphics Lawsuit Dismissed 05/05/15
Get a PS4 With Three Free PS4-Exclusive Games for $400 03/01/15
GS News - New Minecraft Game; GTA Online Gets Christmas Update! 12/18/14
Sony Loses Bid to Dismiss Killzone Resolution Lawsuit 12/18/14
GS News Top 5 - A Fish Plays Pokemon; Sony Sued Over Killzone On PS4 08/08/14
Sony Sued Because Killzone: Shadow Fall's 1080p Graphics Aren't Totally 1080p 08/06/14
Killzone: Shadow Fall DLC Brings "Fart, Planking, and Comedy Spotlight Moves" 07/15/14
Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept Review: 6 / 10 06/26/14
Jetpack Boost - Intercept DLC - Killzone: Shadow Fall Gameplay 06/26/14
Co-op Combat - Intercept DLC - Killzone: Shadow Fall Gameplay 06/26/14
Get PS4-Exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall for $20 Right Now 06/25/14
E3 2014: Shadow Fall's Intercept DLC Feels Too Generic 06/12/14
Killzone: Shadow Fall's Intercept DLC Adds Co-Op, Jetpacks on June 24 06/10/14
E3 2014: Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept Trailer 06/09/14
E3 2014: Killzone Shadow Fall: Intercept DLC at Sony Press Conference 06/09/14
Killzone Dev Talks Its New IP and Helping to Design the PS4's Controller 06/05/14
Sounds Like Killzone Dev's New IP Won't Be at E3 06/04/14
Killzone dev on its new IP for PS4 -- "It's really awesome!" 05/19/14
PS4 shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall getting four-player co-op DLC in June 05/16/14
Killzone: Shadow Fall gets more free DLC; jetpack announcement teased 05/14/14
Killzone: Shadow Fall - The Canyon DLC 05/14/14
PS4, Xbox one games 50% off at NewEgg 04/12/14
Killzone: Shadow Fall - Insurgent Pack Trailer 04/01/14
Future PS4 firmware update will let you dim DualShock 4's lightbar 03/20/14
Dark Souls II, Crawl, Titanfall - The Lobby 03/11/14
Killzone: Shadow Fall - Cruiser and Hanger Map Impressions & Strategies 03/10/14
GS News - Watch Dogs + Dark Souls II Release Dates Announced! 03/06/14
PS4 game Killzone: Shadow Fall dev responds to 1080p controversy 03/06/14
PS4 pricing blunder lets customers buy Killzone: Shadow Fall for 85p 03/06/14
PS4-exclusive Killzone Shadow Fall gets free multiplayer maps 03/05/14
PlayStation 4 crosses 6 million sales following strong Japan launch 03/04/14
Play PS4-exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall free for a week, no PS Plus membership required 02/28/14
Verizon says gamers should pay more for bandwidth [UPDATE] 02/28/14
PS4 sold 320,000 units in Japan in two days 02/25/14
Can the PS4 match the sales of the PS2? Sony weighs in 02/24/14
Killzone: Shadow Fall patch adds ability to lock campaign mode at 30 fps 02/09/14
Almost half of all PS4 owners have also bought Killzone Shadow Fall 01/29/14
Why You Should Buy a PS4 in 2014 01/29/14
PS4 game Killzone: Shadow Fall free to play this weekend 12/26/13
Ask The Experts: Kinect vs PS4 Camera 12/18/13
Ask the Experts: Xbox One and PS4 Streaming Functionality 12/13/13
Ask the Experts: Xbox One vs PS4 Games 12/12/13
Next-Gen Console 24 Hour Livestream Highlights 12/05/13
Killzone: Shadow Fall - BTS #2 - Characters 12/05/13
Killzone: Shadow Fall - BTS #1 - Story 12/05/13
GameSpot's Buyer's Guide - Killzone Shadow Fall 12/03/13
Killzone: Shadow Fall gets 1.05 patch 11/29/13
Guerrilla Development: Creating Killzone for the PS4 Launch 11/28/13
Killzone: Shadow Fall - Multiplayer Starter Guide 11/27/13
Sony confirms final PlayStation 4 EU digital pricing 11/27/13
O2 has day-one PlayStation 4 stock as part of contract deal 11/27/13
Killzone dev hires Fallout writer 11/27/13
AU Shippin' Out November 25-30: PlayStation 4 11/24/13
The Point - PlayStation 4 First Impressions 11/20/13
Domination on The Wall - Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Gameplay 11/19/13
5 Things You Might Not Know About The PS4 - Ask GameSpot 11/18/13
Feedbackula - PS4 Launch Roster Raving 11/15/13
PlayStation 4 Game Reviews Roundup 11/13/13
Killzone: Shadow Fall Video Review 11/13/13
Killzone: Shadow Fall Review: 7 / 10 11/13/13
Sony: Native 1080p allows you to "be a better gamer" 11/12/13
Killzone: Shadow Fall - Launch Trailer 11/12/13
The PS4 Launch - Live Hands on and QA Teaser 11/11/13
New Releases: PS4 Game Lineup! Killzone Shadow Fall, Resogun, Need For Speed Rivals & More! 11/10/13
Killzone: Shadow Fall Trophy list surfaces online 11/08/13
Killzone: Shadow Fall available today at GameStop 10/29/13
Killzone: Shadow Fall final file size is 39.7GB 10/24/13
The Cold War Endures in Killzone: Shadow Fall 10/24/13
A Gutsy Story Changes Your Perspective of Killzone: Shadow Fall 10/24/13
Sony: 24 PS4 exclusives in development 10/23/13
Killzone: Shadow Fall - Story Trailer 10/22/13
Killzone: Shadow Fall campaign is "well over" 10 hours 10/21/13
Killzone: Shadow Fall goes gold, as dev talks of improved texture quality and framerate 10/21/13
Sony: PlayStation to become more service-oriented 10/11/13
Killzone dev: Effort needed to make next-gen game has "quadrupled" 10/08/13
Sony's $1000 3D viewer up for preorder 10/08/13
GS News - PS4 beats Xbox One in poll, Kinect is listening... 10/01/13
New IP from Killzone dev is "completely different" 09/30/13
Killzone: Shadow Fall file size is 50GB 09/30/13
Sony on PS4 vs. Xbox One -- "It's a marathon, not a sprint" 09/30/13
Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 bundle confirmed for UK 09/26/13
PlayStation 4 UI shown off in new images 09/25/13
GS News - GTA V microtransactions, Microsoft claims victory 09/24/13
Killzone: Shadow Fall season pass revealed 09/24/13
Both Killing AND Zones - Killzone: Shadow Fall Gameplay TGS 2013 09/20/13
Original PS4 design had 4GB RAM 09/19/13
GS News - A look at the GTA V map, Killzone Shadowfall update 09/11/13
Killzone: Shadow Fall features no XP progression in multiplayer 09/11/13
Playstation 4 supports voice recognition 08/31/13
GS News - Wii U price cut, 2DS announced and PS4 has POWER 08/28/13
Sony says Xbox One's free FIFA offer is "kind of odd" 08/28/13
GameStop managers get PS4, Xbox One 08/27/13
Sony's impressive strategy stole the show at Gamescom 08/23/13
GS News - Sony and Microsoft get hyperbolic + Star Wars games! 08/22/13
Sony Full Press Conference - Gamescom 2013 08/22/13
Sony: Publishers will decide PS3 to PS4 game upgrade fees 08/22/13
Sony says PS4 preorders are "breathtakingly high" 08/22/13
Sony on PS4 vs. Xbox One: "It's nice to feel you're ahead" 08/21/13
Killzone Shadow Fall Will Feature Community Driven Multiplayer Modes 08/21/13
Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Gameplay - Sony Gamescom 2013 08/20/13
PS4 launch window titles revealed 08/20/13
Killzone: Shadow Fall - GamesCom 2013 Multiplayer Trailer 08/20/13
Sony reveals PS3 to PS4 upgrade program 08/20/13
Gamescom 2013 Sony Press Conference 08/20/13
GS News - Half Life 3 not so confirmed, GTA:V Online, PS4 TV? 08/15/13
GS News Top 5 - $500 PS4+Vita, PS4/Xbox One share function clash 08/09/13
GS News - Xbox One unboxed, PS Plus not required for PS4 sharing 08/08/13
PS4 doesn't require PlayStation Plus for Share feature 08/08/13
Sony to host PlayStation 4 keynote at Tokyo Game Show 2013 08/06/13
GS News - Xbox One discs "like a dead body" and on for 10 years? 08/01/13
GS News - PS4 vs. Xbox friends limit, GTAV screens, Fez II axed 07/29/13
Sony's Gamescom showing to focus on PS4 lineup 07/29/13
Sony loaning out PS4 dev kits to developers free of charge for a year 07/26/13
PS4 launch bundles back in stock on Amazon 07/24/13
SDCC On The Front Line - Killzone: Shadow Fall Interview 07/20/13
PS4 will support wireless PS3 headsets - Report 07/18/13
GS News - New Mass Effect game & PS4 controller detects sweat?! 07/16/13
PlayStation - Bid for Greatness Teaser 07/16/13
Sony auctioning items from PS4 Greatness Awaits trailer 07/16/13
GS News Top 5 - Xbox One petition explodes, GTA V and PS4 light! 07/12/13
PS4 playable at Comic-Con 07/12/13
Killzone: Shadow Fall preorder bonuses revealed 07/12/13
GS News - Play PS4 games anywhere, new Nintendo franchise? 07/10/13
Sony "in a much better position" with PS4 07/10/13
Killzone: Shadow Fall - Story Teaser 07/09/13
Killzone: Shadow Fall taps Homeland, True Blood actors 07/09/13
PlayStation 4 controller light won't switch off 07/08/13
GS News - PS4 user interface video confirmed 06/19/13
PS4 user interface video confirmed 06/19/13
PS4 demand may exceed supply - Jack Tretton 06/19/13
Sony on why it won't hinder PS4 used games--flexibility creates value 06/18/13
PlayStation 4 - User Interface Overview (Unconfirmed) 06/13/13
DualShock 4 touchpad is clickable 06/12/13
E3 On The Front Line - Games for Xbox One vs. PS4 06/12/13
Killzone: ShadowFall Still Has Much to Prove 06/11/13
Killzone: Shadow Fall - E3 2013 Stage Demo 06/11/13
Battle of the Exclusives: PS4 vs. Xbox One 06/11/13
Killzone: Shadow Fall - E3 2013 Trailer 06/10/13
PS4 will debut below $400 says analyst 06/07/13
E3 2013 press conference schedule for Asia 06/06/13
Road to E3 - Killzone: Shadow Fall 06/01/13
Kaz Hirai: PS4 is 'first and foremost' a video game console 05/31/13
PlayStation 4 Hardware Teaser Trailer 05/20/13
Playstation 4 - Possible Reveal Trailer 05/13/13
PlayStation 4 marketing slogan said to be 'Greatness Awaits' 05/10/13
DualShock 4 shown off in new video 04/25/13
GS News - PS4 will have strongest launch lineup in PS history 04/24/13
Sony: PS4 will have strongest launch lineup in PlayStation history 04/24/13
Masters of Reality 03/22/13
What We Crave From Killzone: Shadow Fall 02/28/13
GameSpot UK Podcast - PS4, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Watch Dogs 02/27/13
GS News - Sony wants to Do the right thing 02/26/13
GameSpot GamePlay Episode 30: The Beefy Center of your Meat Arsenal 02/22/13
The PlayStation Meeting: Under the Microscope 02/22/13
Killzone: Shadow Fall a PS4 launch title 02/22/13
Sony PlayStation 4 Press Conference 02/21/13
PlayStation 4: Everything You Need To Know 02/20/13
Killzone: Shadow Fall Announce Trailer (PS4) HD 02/20/13
Killzone: Shadow Falls blasting its way onto PlayStation 4 02/20/13
Killzone: Shadow Fall Stage Demo (Playstation Meeting 2013) 02/20/13