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Final Fantasy XV



Complete each requirement to get the specified Trophy.

Completed Chapter 6.A Way Forward
Reached maximum fishing level.Angling Expert
Improved fishing level for the first time.Angling Rookie
Used magic for the first time.Black Mage
Performed first blindside link.Blind Spot
Issued first ally command.Brother-in-Arms
Completed Chapter 9.Callings
Rode a Chocobo.Chocobo Jockey
Defeated Ifrit on Normal difficulty.Chosen King
Reached maximum cooking level.Cooking Expert
Improved cooking level for the first time.Cooking Rookie
Completed Chapter 5.Dark Clouds
Completed Chapter 1.Departure
Summoned one of the Six for the first time.Divine Intervention
Completed Chapter 12.End of Days
Collected thirteen royal arms.Faithful Heir
Played JUSTICE MONSTERS FIVE for the first time.High Five for Justice!
Completed Chapter 14.Homecoming
Caught an image of Gentiana in a photo.Immortal Photobomb
Completed Chapter 11.In the Dark
Completed the Prologue.Insomnia's Waking Nightmare
Performed first point-warp suspension.Just Hangin' Around
Drove the Regalia.Learner's Permit
Completed Chapter 4.Living Legend
Crafted a spell for the first time.Magical Worker
Completed first hunt.My First Hunt
Learned first ability.New Power
Completed Chapter 2.No Turning Back
Initiated first link-strike after parrying an attack.Noct You Like a Hurricane
Completed Chapter 7.Party of Three
Reached maximum photography level.Photo Expert
Improved photography level for the first time.Photo Rookie
Equipped four weapon slots.Quadruple Threat
Completed Chapter 13.Redemption
Flew the Regalia Type-F.Regalia Pilot
Completed Chapter 8.Seaworthy
Activated 20 ability nodes.Self-Improved
Activated 50 ability nodes.Self-Mastered
Completed first sidequest.Spinning a Yarn I
Completed 5 sidequests.Spinning a Yarn II
Completed 10 sidequests.Spinning a Yarn III
Completed 20 sidequests.Spinning a Yarn IV
Completed 40 sidequests.Spinning a Yarn V
Reached maximum survival level.Survival Expert
Improved survival level for the first time.Survival Rookie
Completed Chapter 10.The Heart of a King
Completed Chapter 3.The Open World
Called forth the Armiger for the first time.The Power of Kings
Collected all trophies.The World Wanderer
Defeated the adamantoise.Tortoise Toppler
Completed 80 sidequests.Weaving a Tapestry

Contributed By: Mookiethebold.


Increased chances at % item spots

This game features various item spots that have (usually) three different items that are possible, each with a set % chance to obtain a paticular item. Typically you would have to reload the game or wait enough in game time to try again in order to get what you want. If however, you have 99 of any of the items obtainable at that spot, it won't let you pick it up if that is what comes up. You can then try to pick it up again and it will recalculate your item. If you have 99 of two of the items possible, you can just jeep attempting to pick up the item until it finally comes up as the only other item. There are a few spots in the game where even the lesser items are too rare and it isn't feasible to have 99 of them but this trick should help you out immensely for 99% of these spots.

Contributed By: Ohioguy1980.

Instant Stamina Bar Refill

If you hold down the Circle Button while walking around it allows you to run but depletes your Green Stamina Bar. If you let it go all the way down it goes into the Red and takes time to refill back up again, causing you to only walk and not able to run anymore during this waiting period. Instead if you release the Circle Button right at the final moment before your Green Stamina Bar completely depletes you will perform a green boost forward and your Stamina Bar will instantly refill to Green again. The limit for this is 0.6 Seconds before Stamina hits zero. Also, this works for Auto-Sprint as well, simply tap L3 [as opposed to RELEASING Circle (or A for Xbox)] a moment before the Stamina Bar is fully depleted. You can do this as many times as you want and potentially run infinitely without ever having to wait for it to refill if you learn when to release it correctly. Make sure to turn on and enable the ability to view your stamina bar in the settings for the game to use this trick.

Contributed By: ShadowkhNinja and kilik0410.

Starting Boost in Chocobo Races

As you may have noticed, your opponents can sometimes dart right at the beginning of the race, giving them an early lead. In order to do this yourself, press and hold the O button as the "3" disappears to get the best speed boost. If you do this when the "2" appears, you'll get the medium speed boost, and if you do it when the "2" disappears, you'll get a small boost.

Contributed By: xeno_x-blade20.