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Ridge Racer


Playing multiplayer with one game

If you want to play Ridge Racer with other PSP players around you but you only have one copy of Ridge Racer, here's how you can do it:

1.Load up Ridge Racer on PSP number 1.
2.Create a game on Ad Hoc mode and wait in the lobby.
3.Take out the disk and put the game in another PSP, load the game and join the already created game.
4.Then start the game.
5.The PSP screens should now go into a black screen, after 2 or 3 seconds when the PSP stops reading the disk, take it out and put it back in the other PSP.
6.Now it should start to load up the game and after his loading is done and the track is loaded, take out the disk and put it into the other PSP and just wait till it's done loading.

Now you both will be able to play the game in multiplayer mode. This trick can work for more than two players and as the music in the game is read off the disk, only the player with the game inside their PSP will get the music playing in the background.

Contributed By: black 13.


Pac-Man Car

Beat PRO 21 tour to unlock Pac-Man. You race him to his music. I beat him with the Bosconian EO Type-R. He stays on your tail with all his nitro so drive skillfully.

Contributed By: Raenrek.

Unlockable Cars

Perform these actions to unlock the following cars

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish Tour 27 (EX Tour)AGE Type-R tune-up kit for the PROPHETE and ABEILLE.
Finish Tour 28 (EX Tour)AGE Type-Z tune-up kit for the PROPHETE.
Finish Tour 16 (Pro Tour)ASSOLUTO Type-R tune-up kit (FATALITA and BISONTE)
Finish Tour 32 (EX Tour)ASSOLUTO Type-Z tune-up kit for the FATALITA.
Finish Tour 1 (Basic Tour)Class 2 ABEILLE Type-S
Finish Tour 3 (Basic Tour)Class 2 BISONTE Type-S
Finish Tour 2 (Basic Tour)Class 2 ESPERANZA Type-S
Finish Tour 5 (Basic Tour)Class 3 EO Type-S
Finish Tour 4 (Basic Tour)Class 3 FATALITA Type-S
Finish Tour 6 (Basic Tour)Class 3 RAGGIO Type-S
Finish Tour 9 (Basic Tour)Class 4 BAYONET Type-S
Finish Tour 8 (Basic Tour)Class 4 FIERA Type-S
Finish Tour 7 (Basic Tour)Class 4 PROPHETE Type-S
Finish Tour 10 (Pro Tour)Class 5 ABEILLE Type-S
Finish Tour 12 (Pro Tour)Class 5 BISONTE Type-S
Finish Tour 11 (Pro Tour)Class 5 ESPERANZA Type-S
Finish Tour 13 (Pro Tour)Class 6 EO Type-S
Finish Tour 14 (Pro Tour)Class 6 FATALITA Type-S
Finish Tour 15 (Pro Tour)Class 6 RAGGIO Type-S
Finish Tour 3 (Basic Tour)Crimsonrock Pass Reverse
Finish Tour 6 (Basic Tour)Crystal Coast Highway
Finish Tour 13 (Pro Tour)Crystal Coast Highway Reverse
Finish Tour 26 (EX Tour)DANVER Type-R tune-up kit for the BAYONET.
Finish Tour 31 (EX Tour)DANVER Type-Z tune-up kit for the BAYONET.
Finish Tour 4 (Basic Tour)Diablo Canyon Road
Finish Tour 6 (Basic Tour)Diablo Canyon Road Reverse
Finish Tour 12 (Pro Tour)Downtown Rave City
Finish Tour 19 (Pro Tour)Downtown Rave City Reverse
Finish Tour 24 (EX Tour)GNADE Type-R tune-up kit for the ESPERANZA.
Finish Tour 29 (EX Tour)GNADE Type-Z tune-up kit for the ESPERANZA.
Finish Tour 9 (Basic Tour)Greenpeak Highlands Reverse
Finish Tour 17 (Pro Tour)HIMMEL Type-R tune-up kit (EO)
Finish Tour 30 (EX Tour)HIMMEL Type-Z tune-up kit for the EO.
Finish Tour 25 (EX Tour)KAMATA Type-R tune-up kit for the FIERA.
Finish Tour 22 (Pro Tour)KAMATA Type-Z tune-up kit for the FIERA.
Finish Tour 3 (Basic Tour)Lakeside Parkway
Finish Tour 7 (Basic Tour)Lakeside Parkway Reverse
Finish Tour 7 (Basic Tour)Midtown Expressway Reverse
Finish Tour 2 (Basic Tour)Ridge City Highway
Finish Tour 5 (Basic Tour)Ridge City Highway Reverse
Finish Tour 4 (Basic Tour)Seaside Route 765 Reverse
Finish Tour 10 (Pro Tour)Silvercreek Dam
Finish Tour 13 (Pro Tour)Silvercreek Dam Reverse
Finish Tour 18 (Pro Tour)SOLDAT Type-R tune-up kit (RAGGIO)
Finish Tour 23 (Pro Tour)SOLDAT Type-Z tune-up kit for the RAGGIO.
Finish Tour 20 (Pro Tour)Special Class KAMATA ANGELUS ("Angel")
Finish Tour 21 (Pro Tour)Special Class NAMCO PACMAN ("Pac-Man")
Earn a score of 50,000 in New Rally-X and complete Tour 18 (Pro Tour) Special Class New Rally-X Car
Finish Tour 19 (Pro Tour)Special Class SOLDAT CRINALE ("Devil")
Finish Tour 2 (Basic Tour)Sunset Drive Reverse
Finish Tour 9 (Basic Tour)Union Hill District Reverse

Contributed By: ZeoKnight.

Unlockable Prizes

Complete Specified Tour In World Tour To Unlock Following Prizes

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Thriller (Pro Tour)Ending Movie
Rave Racer 2 (EX Tour)Machine Design Collection 1
Midnight Run (EX Tour)Machine Design Collection 2
Planetary Exit (EX Tour)Machine Design Collection 3
Mille Plateaux (EX Tour)Rage Racer Intro
The City is Yours (EX Tour)Rave Racer Intro
Drift del Mar (EX Tour)Ridge Racer Trailer
Midtown Heat (EX Tour)Ridge Racer Type 4 Intro

Contributed By: Mistwalker, Loc_Tran, and RaumeRVZ.

Unlockable Special Machines

Complete Specified Tour In World Tour To Unlock Following Special Machines

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Angelus Duel (Pro Tour)Kamata Angelus
Thriller (Pro Tour), Then Score Over 50,000 Pts In New Rally-XNew Rally-X
Eat Up or Die (Pro Tour)Pac-Man
Crinale Duel (Pro Tour)Soldat Crinale

Contributed By: SuperSamusAran and RaumeRVZ.


Boost At Start

When it counts down before you start the race, accelerate and keep the rpm just before the red area.

Contributed By: SLLOSHY.

Mirror Mode

When you choose a course in single race or time attack mode, hold Select to play the level in Mirror Mode.

Contributed By: Menji.

Unlimited Nitrous (Single Race and Time Attack only)

Hold Select and press OK on the Request Confirmation page.

Contributed By: operation_zero.