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ATV Offroad Fury: Blazin' Trails


Cheat Code

Enter this cheat at the main menu.

Square, Triangle, Left, Left, Circle, Circle, L, R, R, Triangle.All Championship Races.

Contributed By: TheLastNight.


Profile Password Cheats

From the main menu go to "Options", then "Player Profile", then finally "Enter Cheat", from there enter the codes below EXACTLY as you see them.

$moneybags$Gets you 1500 Credits.
TO LAZYUnlock all ATVs except the G-Ride or Fury bike
TRICK IT OUTUnlock all bike parts
N0GAMEUnlock all events
SMOG TESTUnlock all exhausts
All AccessUnlock everything except the Fury bike.
+THREEUnlock Ravage Talon ATVs
BillboardsUnlocks all Music Videos.
DudsUnlocks all Rider Gear.
DubsUnlocks Rims.

Contributed By: Joseph881 and kidgame2001.


Expert Levels

To unlock every Expert level in the game, you first must defeat the Normal level with a gold cup. Getting a silver or a bronze won't work.

Contributed By: chuckflip53.

Unlock Ice Tournament

The ONLY way to unlock Ice Tournament on Normal Mode is by getting a GOLD cup in AMATEUR NATIONAL at EXPERT LEVEL

Contributed By: chuckflip53.


Easy ATVs

Beat all the courses in the training mode and you will get an average of Gold, Silver, or Bronze. Each average gets you a prize, and they are as follows:

Gold = 3 Talon ATVs
Silver = 2 Talon ATVs
Bronze = 1 Talon ATV.

Contributed By: Joseph881.