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Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble


Story Mode Puzzle Piece Unlockables

Throughout each Story Mode stage, there are puzzle pieces to obtain through various means. Collect them all, and you unlock a special version of that corresponding stage. Collect all the puzzle pieces in the special stages, and you unlock art galleries.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect the 16 puzzle pieces in each Special stageArt Gallery
Collect the 16 puzzle pieces for each stage in Story ModeSpecial Version Of Stages in Story Mode

Contributed By: GuiltyChippX.

Unlock Alternate Costumes

To use the alternate costume, push square on the character you're selecting.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat all 40 missions in Trial modeAlternate costumes for all characters

Contributed By: GuiltyChippX.

Unlockable characters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
complete trial 29Android Rachel
complete trial 9Charles The Third
complete first movie in story modeDevil Buster Dante
complete trial 1Director Blue
complete trial13Fighter Bianky and Friends
complete trial 35Gran Bruce
complete trial 37Heroine Silvia
complete trial 14Hulk Davidson
complete trial 19Manager Jet
complete trial 5Movie Fan Joe
complete trial 34Stylish Alastor
complete trial 24Young Blue Jr.
complete trial 40Young Captain Blue

Contributed By: donoman123.