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Need for Speed: Most Wanted 5-1-0


Car Unlocks

To unlock the following cars, defeat the following bosses.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat MingCarrera 4S
Beat Toru SatoCarrera GT
Beat KamikazeCorvette
Beat Big LouEclipse
Beat JVFord GT
Beat WebsterGallardo
Beat EarlLancer & WRX STI
Beat RonnieM3 GTR 1
Beat RazorM3 GTR 2
Beat BaronMustang GT
Beat IzzyRX-8
Beat JewelsTT

Contributed By: QDgmr.

Super Composite Unlockables

To unlock the following Super Composite parts, complete the following Bonus
Part Challenges. (M3 GTR 1 and M3 GTR 2 are not on this chart because
M3 GTR 1 has no unlckable spoilers or hoods and M3 GTR 2 has no upgrades)

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat BPC 1&2 on Rank 5SC Hood & Spoiler for Carrera 4S
Beat BPC 1&2 on Rank 2SC Hood & Spoiler for Carrera GT
Beat BPC 1&2 on Rank 13SC Hood & Spoiler for Cobalt SS
Beat BPC 1&2 on Rank 6SC Hood & Spoiler for Corvette
Beat BPC 1&2 on Rank 11SC Hood & Spoiler for Eclipse
Beat BPC 1&2 on Rank 3SC Hood & Spoiler for Ford GT
Beat BPC 1&2 on Rank 4SC Hood & Spoiler for Gallardo
Beat BPC 1&2 on Rank 15SC Hood & Spoiler for Golf
Beat BPC 1&2 on Rank 9SC Hood & Spoiler for Lancer
Beat BPC 1&2 on Rank 14SC Hood & Spoiler for Mazda3
Beat BPC 1&2 on Rank 10SC Hood & Spoiler for Mustang GT
Beat BPC 1&2 on Rank 12SC Hood & Spoiler for RX-8
Beat BPC 1&2 on Rank 7SC Hood & Spoiler for TT
Beat BPC 1&2 on Rank 8SC Hood & Spoiler for WRX STI

Contributed By: QDgmr.

Unlocking unique vinyls

If you want these unique vinyls you have to do the following.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Baron and own carBaron's vinyl
Beat Bull and own carBull's vinyl
Beat Earl and own carEarl's vinyl
Beat Izzy and own carIzzy's vinyl
Beat Jade and own carJade's vinyl
Beat JV and own carJV's vinyl
Beat Kaze and own carKaze's vinyl
Beat Ming and own carMing's vinyl
Beat Ronnie and own carRonnie's vinyl
Beat Sonny and own carSonny's vinyl
Beat Taz and own carTaz's vinyl
Beat Vic and own carVic's vinyl
Beat Webster and own carWebster's vinyl

Contributed By: rykou13.