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Mega Man Maverick Hunter X


Hadoken Fireball Capsule

To find the hidden capsule to gain the Hadoken Fireball for X you have to get all Heart Tanks, Sub Tanks, Armor Parts (the arm part can be either the one from Dr. Light or the one you get from Zero in Sigma Palace 3) and beat every boss to gain there weapon. Go to Armored Armadillo's Stage and get through the whole stage without taking any damage then at the end dash off the flying platform and land above the entrance to the boss and the capsule will be there.

Contributed By: dasviolator.

Heart Tank Locations (Vile)

Throughout the game X and Vile can collect Heart Tanks to upgrade their current hit points, here are Vile's Heart Tank locations.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
At the end of the stage when you reach the moving platforms, jump from the highest point over to the right, you will see a new platform, ride it out.Armored Armadillo
After going up the spikey platform, wait for the platform to slow down, jump on top of the tiny platform before it breaks and jump to the left.Boomerang Kuwanger
Once you reach Vile's armor, take it all the way back the upper level route. Bash in the igloo near the beginning of the cave.Chill Penguin
In the first room with multiple levels of platforms, get to the very top and jump off to the left onto the edge, you will see an opening in the wall.Flame Mammoth
When you reach the area with falling bombs, ride the funnel of air to the top of the ship and destroy it. Follow the path and destroy the boss.Launch Octopus
After the miniboss you will run into Vile's armor, grab it, ride it until the end of the floor and then jump out. (You can also use the boomerang)Spark Mandrill
Near the beginning of the stage you will see a lone robot swinging his axe uptop. Jump onto one of his platforms and ride it out.Sting Chameleon
Ride the moving platforms all the way to the top of the building holding Vile\'s armor, follow it and find the heart tank.Storm Eagle

Contributed By: SurrenderArx.

Heart Tank Locations (X)

Within the eight main levels of the game, there lies a Heart Tank or "Life Up" waiting to be discovered. Finding these items will increase your health. I shall now list each of their locations.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
At the second dozer mechaniloid, use the Storm Tornado or Fire Wave to destroy it before it demolishes the wall, then jump up the small tunnel.Armored Armadillo's Level
After you have scaled the tower and gained Kuwanger's weapon. Return to the last area of the tower and use it to retrieve it from the outer plaBoomerang Kuwanger's Level
Venture atop the cave where the igloo-type buildings are located. Use the Fire Wave to destroy the left most building.Chill Penguin's Level
After you have finished Chill Penguin, in the area with all the platforms and frozen lava, go to the far right and find it under a long platform.Flame Mammoth's Level
Sink the whale battleship and crash through the shutter. Then kill the Utoboros and go into the room on the far right.Launch Octopus' Level
After acquiring the Boomerang Cutter, use it to snag the Heart Tank from an unreachable platform near the middle of the level in a top right corner.Spark Mandrill's Level
Once Launch Octopus has been defeated, go the this level. Right before the cave, slide down the hole, crush the rocks, and dash over to the platform.Sting Chameleon's Level
After you have acquired the Leg Parts, ride the lifts up the the very top, then dash jump off of the lift to the left, landing on top of a building.Storm Eagle's Level

Contributed By: Mega_Mac.

How to gain Zero's Buster

If you pass over the X-Buster upgrade found in a Dr. Light capsule during the game, you will be rewarded later in the Sigma Fortress by gaining access to Zero's Buster, which is more powerful than the normal X-Buster upgrade. To do this, simply do not enter the Dr. Light capsule containing the X-Buster upgrade, and play the game all the way to the third Sigma level. Upon facing Vile and beating him in a battle, you will speak to Zero and he will give you his buster. This buster shoots a different third level charge shot than Dr. Light's upgrade, which is larger and more powerful.

Contributed By: Wing_Omega.

New Title Screen

When you beat the game you will get a new title screen showing X and Vile surrounded by flame.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the gameNew Title Screen

Contributed By: dasviolator.

Sub-Tank Locations (Vile)

Throughout Megaman X lies Sub-Tanks that save up extra energy to use it in a battle when you're running a little low, here are Vile's Sub-Tank locations.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
You will clearly see the energy tank after climbing the wall outside to the top. Use the Quick Homesick to grab the Sub-Tank.Boomerang Kuwanger
After the second mini-boss you will see air funnels, use the third one to get to the boat, jump on the moving platform to the right and grab the tank.Launch Octopus
Go to X's miniboss area and take Vile's armor through the cave, after the third hole in the ground look for a gap in the ceiling, jump out.Sting Chemeleon
Go to the room where X's sub tank is, grab Vile's armor and jump on the platforms all the way to the right. Destroy the boxes in the wall.Storm Eagle

Contributed By: SurrenderArx.

Sub-Tank Locations (X)

Throughout Megaman X there are Sub-Tanks that hold extra energy for a quick boost when you're running low on life, here is where they are hidden.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
When you get to the first Spike-Tank, wait for it to pass, and enter the room behind its previous location.Amored Armadillo
In the room with the Heart Tank, go to the top. Once there, go all the way to the left and jump off the edge, use the head armor part to aquire it.Flame Mammoth
Go down the first ladder you can, then continue until you reach the pillar. Use your boomerang to grab the Sub Tank.Spark Mandrill
When you reach the area with platforms with fire turrets on them, get to the top, and go in the building on your left. Here you will find the Sub TankStorm Eagle

Contributed By: SurrenderArx.

Unlockable Features

If you beat the game as X, you'll unlock more features.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game as XMegaman X Anime Movie
Beat the game as XPlay as Vile

Contributed By: KyoKusanagi.

X's Armor Parts

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Storm Eagle's stage beyond blocks that need to be broken with the head upgrade. It is after the thin tower you climb.Body Capsule
Sting Chameleon's stage after climbing up a cliff in the beginning of the level. The dash upgrade is needed for this. Just destroy the green robot.Buster Capsule
Chill Penguin's stage beyond blocks that need to be kicked by using the leg upgrade. The blocks are found on the right side of a wall in the base.Head Capsule
Flame Mammoth's stage in a small room which can be accessed by jumping up the left side of a wall after falling through the first long fall.Leg Capsule

Contributed By: Alpha_Axl.


Infinite Weapon Slots(Vile)

After you beat the game with Vile and saved a Clear Data for it load up the clear data and when you select your weapons your slots will be infinite.

Contributed By: darkness1111.