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Me & My Katamari


Eternal Mode

Eternal Mode (play without a time limit) is unlockable for all 16 normal stages. To earn a given stage's Eternal mode, score at least an 80 as your second score at the end of the stage.

To access Eternal once you've earned it, talk to the animal, make your selection, and choose the top choice when given a choice.

To exit the Eternal stage and save all items/cousins/presents collected, pause and press Square, and choose the left choice.

Contributed By: slo_bro.

EVENING stage in 2d Me & My Katamari

Make it to the end of the credits in the 2d version of Me & My Katamari.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat 2d Daytime Mode (During Credits)2d Evening Mode
Get to the castle in Day 2d Me & My Katamari stageNight 2d Me & My Katamari stage

Contributed By: GuiltyChippX.

Soundtrack Unlockables

Clearing the various missions will unlock new songs in the game's Sound Test (found in the Vacation Memorial). You will also be able to select the songs for play during any mission you choose.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat The Game (Clear The Credits Once)Blue Orb
Beat The Game (Clear The Credits Once)Song For King of Kings

Contributed By: TuxedoAlex.

Upgrade Island's Name Board

By collecting 100% of the 2,434 objects in the game, your island's name board changes from wood to a strobe light name board which has many colors.

Contributed By: jackleone.

Easter Eggs

2D Katamari Damacy

After completing the final "Crown" level at the Prince island, the King will speak and suddenly everything gets changed into sprites. The game title in 8-bit graphics will appear and players are treated to a short level of 2D Katamari Damacy with the game credits rolling at the same time. Press X to jump and use the D-pad to move in this mode.

Contributed By: digimax.