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Developer Secrets

From the World Map (unless noted otherwise), select a level so you are on the "Start? Yes / No" message. Hold L & R and input the following codes:

A = Triangle
T = Triangle
O = Circle
C = Circle
S = Square
X = X
L = Left on d-pad
R = Right on d-pad
U = Up on d-pad
D = Down on d-pad

On Loco Editor Menu: LOTSOLOCOROCOSAdds 5 locorocos of each color to your Loco House.
On Loco Editor Menu: RADCATLOCOROCOAdds special part editing
STARSLOCOROCOGives you 10,000 coins
ALLCOLORSLOCOROCOGives you all the Muimui
On Loco Editor Menu: ALLLOCOROCOSGives you all the parts
On Loco Editor Menu: ATTACLOCOROCOSLets you use the 12 Special Loco Editor parts in Loco House (like the "toge")
SLACRLOCOROCOOpen all stages
On Loco Editor Menu: SCALUDLOCOROCOTurns on scaling.

Contributed By: scxzor and stmdotcom.