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Killzone: Liberation


Unlockable Abilities

You can access the ability selection screen by pressing square on the weapon selection screen. Abilities are unlockable bonuses that let you do certain things, like carrying 3 grenades or having 50% more health. You can unlock these abilities by aquiring a certain amount of points. Poins can be collected by completing challenges.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
300 Points50% More health
510 Points (CHAPTER 5 REQUIRED)Buddy has 100% More Health
100 PointsC4 Placement twice as fast
020 PointsCarry 3 Grenades
140 PointsCarry 3 Smoke grenades
060 PointsCarry 3 Syringes
220 PointsCarry 4 Pressure Mines
480 PointsCarry Unlimited ammunition
260 PointsClose Combat damage doubled
540 Points (CHAPTER 5 REQUIRED)Close Combat Damage Tripled
600 Points (CHAPTER 5 REQUIRED)Five ability slots
180 PointsTrip Mines disarmed twice as fast
340 PointsYour Buddy has 50% more health

Contributed By: Grotesque_death and LordBiohazard.

Unlockable Extras

In order to unlock some of the extra content, you must do the follwing.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish Single Player Campaign 3-4 on NormalConcept art pack #1
Finish Single Player Campaign 1-1 on EasyIndepth character profiles #1
Finish Single Player Campaign 4-4 on EasyIndepth character profiles #4
Finish Single Player Campaign 2-4 on NormalJukebox
Finish Single Player Campaign 4-4 on HardMultiplayer Character : Cobar
Finish Single Player Campaign 4-4 on NormalMultiplayer Character : Evelyn
Beat Chapter 5 on any difficulty.Mystery Pack
Beat chapter 5 on Normal Difficulty.Propaganda Pack
Finish Single Player Campaign 1-4 on EasyWallpaper pack #1

Contributed By: I34TU and LordBiohazard.

Unlocked Characters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Hard modeCobar
Beat the game in 2-player co-op on any difficulty.Commando
Get Gold Medals in all challenges.Grenadier
Beat the whole game, including Chapter 5, on Co-Op on any difficulty.Hakha
Beat Chapter 5 on any difficulty, then get Golds on all the CHapter 5 Challenge Games.Luger
Beat Easy, Normal, and Hard modesMetrac
Win 10 games in Ad-Hoc or Infrastructure Multiplayer.Specialist
Win 100 times in MP(ad-hoc or infrastructure)Stratson

Contributed By: dgknight500, NarooN, and WaarHarddened.