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Madden NFL 07


Madden Card Passwords

Under Madden Cards, highlight Madden Codes on the drop down menu and press x. The game will prompt you to enter a code. Enter the following codes to obtain these Cheat Cards: (case sensitive)

B57QLU1958 Colts Gold Card
1PL1FL1966 Packers Gold Card
MIE6WO1968 Jets Gold Card
CL2TOE1970 Browns Gold Card
NOEB7U1972 Dolphins Gold Card
YO0FLA1974 Steelers Gold Card
MOA11I1976 Raiders Gold Card
C8UM7U1977 Broncos Gold Card
VIU0O71978 Dolphins Gold Card
NLAPH31980 Raiders Gold Card
COAGI41981 Chargers Gold Card
WL8BRI1982 Redskins Gold Card
H0EW7I1983 Raiders Gold Card
M1AM1E1984 Dolphins Gold Card
QOETO81985 Bears Gold Card
ZI8S2L1986 Giants Gold Card
SP2A8H1988 49ers Gold Card
2L4TRO1990 Eagles Gold Card
J1ETRI1991 Lions Gold Card
W9UVI91992 Cowboys Gold Card
DLA3I71993 Bills Gold Card
DR7EST1994 49ers Gold Card
F8LUST1996 Packers Gold Card
FIES951998 Broncos Gold Card
S9OUSW1999 Rams Gold Card
YI8P8UAloha Stadium Gold Card
5LAWO0Lame Duck Card. When this card is played, your opponent will throw a lob pass for one half.
XL7SP1Mistake Free Card. When played, you can't fumble or throw interceptions for one half
WROA0RQB on Target Card. When this card is played, your QB accuracy will be 100% for one half.
RLA9R7Super Bowl XLI Gold Card
WRLUF8Super Bowl XLII Gold Card
NIEV4ASuper Bowl XLIII Gold Card
M5AB7LSuper Bowl XLIV Gold Card

Contributed By: ZeoKnight.