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Unlockable Armor Combo's

These are the Unlockable Armor Combo's for the PSP Eragon Game.

Once You've finished all the Arena's Missions just go to customize armor and try these patterns out.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Helm of Swiftness, Leather Jerkin, Bone Shaffron, Leather Drape, Leather CrupperFLEET Armor Combo
Chain Coif, Cuirass of Heroes, Chain Shaffron, Faceted Peytral, Chain CrupperGUARDIAN Armor Combo
Leather Coif, Cuirass of Heroes, Doom Shaffron, Chain Peytral, Leather CrupperREAVER Armor Combo
Leather Coif, Leather Jerkin, Chain Shaffron, Chain Peytral, Chain CrupperSAVAGE Armor Combo
Leather Coif, Leather Jerkin, Rock Shaffron, Rock Peytral, Whiptail CrupperSTALKER Armor Combo
Wood Helm, Wood Breastplate, Doom Shaffron, Faceted Peytral, Bone CrupperTOTEM Armor Combo

Contributed By: blue4639 and TheLastNight.